access Right for Online Exam System

access Right for Online Exam System

1. Main Admin
This user is top level user with access to all the functionality of Eklavvya. Main admin can also create multiple other users who can manage the system functionality in various aspects including question bank, exam paper, scheduling of the exam.
2. Exam Administrator
Exam administrator can schedule exam for the students. Access to question bank is not available. Main role of the exam administrator is to define examination and assign students for the exam/scheduling of the exam.

Exam Administrator has access to Following Features

3. Subject Expert

Subject expert will have access to question bank and reports related to question bank. There would be no access to exam, exam scheduling section of the site.

Subject Expert has access to following Features

4. Moderator

Moderator can access Objective and Subjective Questions Related to his/her area of subject. Access is limited to specific subject question  bank.