Secure Browser for Online Exams

Secure Browser prevents user from opening any other window while online examination is in progress. it helps to prevent malpractices of online exam

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Need for Secure Browser for Online Exams

As the students started giving exams from different remote locations, the supervision for these exams became difficult. The supervisors could not remain physically present to monitor the students as they write the exams.  This increased the chances of cheating or malpractices being carried out by the students with Online Examinations.

The candidates might try to open a new browser or window to search for the answers on the internet. This would hamper the integrity of the exam as the browser in which the exam is going on should be the only one which can be accessed by the candidate.  

The students might as well try to take screenshots of the questions or answers or even try to record the exam. To prevent students from doing so, the feature for secure browser for online exams has been used in Eklavvya’s platform.

How Secure Browser for Online Exams work?

The secure browser is a technique developed as a part of remote proctoring (supervising) of the online exams.  This feature prevents the students from opening any window or switching between different tabs.

It ensures that the candidate’s exam window is blocked and the only thing working or running is the examination tool. This helps to prevent the students from opening a new window or tab and thus secures the exam from unauthorized cheating.

This feature also blocks access to different shortcut keys such as cut, paste and copy. It can also stop any software running in the background which could possibly be used to capture screenshots or record the exam.

If the student tries to open a new window or change tabs or run any unwanted apps/software in the background, the secure browser immediately sends a warning message to the administrator.

These messages are stored in the database together. If the system sends more than two such messages, then the exam process stops immediately. The students’ access is blocked and they cannot continue with the online exam.

What all are the capacities that Secure Browser for Online Exams offer to the exam invigilator?

The feature of the secure browser comes as a part of the professional package offered by Eklavvya. It is extremely useful when it comes to cheating carried out by with the help of browsers such as opening new browsers or switching between them.

This feature is designed to send error notifications to the exam invigilator or proctor if it senses any sort of discrepancy during the examination. The exam invigilator analyses the notifications to understand its validity and gravity. If the exam invigilator finds anything serious, he/she is provided with access to stop the exam immediately. The exam invigilators can block access from their end and would not resume it until the student provides a valid reason for their actions. Thus the exam invigilators are capable of controlling the exam.