Conduct Video Interview

Eklavvya platform provides support to conduct video interview. Candidate can attempt question and can submit response in the form of video. Question would be displayed on the screen and candidate can click on record option and start talking about it.

Web camera would help to record video response of the candidate. It can be later evaluated. System would provide individual question and its associated video answer from the candidate.

It is useful to conduct large scale interviews to filter our suitable candidates for the next stage of selection process. Interviewer need not have to be present to listen to responses at the time of scheduling. Entire performance of the candidate is saved in the system and can be accessed at later time.

Here are steps to conduct video Interview

  1. In the Question Bank section you can define question with configuration so that candidate need to record/ upload video for question response.

You need to ensure that you have selected radio option for Allow Video Answer Record in Exam

2. In the next step you can Create Subjective Exam using questions defined in the step 1. You can enable advance configurations of Proctoring, Screen Recording , Photo Capturing, Candidate Identity verification as per requirement.

3. You can define schedule for the exam and assign it to one or more candidates

4. Candidates can attempt the online Interview where recording option would be available for them for individual question response.

5. All individual video responses would be saved in the system and can be assessed.

Here is the demo of how to assess video interview