Eklavvya platform supports the facility to upload questions in bulk using MS word plugin. You need to install the MS word plugin.


  1. Login as Admin
  2. Visit Objective Questions Menu Section
  3. Click on Bulk Questions Upload Tool as shown below.

Bulk Questions upload for online exam

4. Click on Download to download tool

5. The system will download WordAddin.zip file

6. You can unzip the file and run Setup.exe

7. After successful completion of the setup process, you can open template file Word Add-in Template

8. The system would open the below file. It would have sample questions, multiple choices defined.

9. Using this template you can define your questions or copy paste questions along with their images in this document.

Bulk Question Entry Format

10. After defining questions in the format mentioned above, you can define the correct answer, marks associated with the question and its difficulty level as shown below format.

In this case, there are 3 questions defined so correct answer option, difficulty level and marks are entered for 3 questions. You can refer above screenshot for the reference.

11. You can click on Addin Menu Option of MS Word and log in using your Eklavvya Admin Credentials as shown below

Word Addin Template

12. After login , you can select Subject Name, the Topic name associated with bulk questions import.

Subject Topic Selection

13. You can click on the validate button to validate if all questions are entered in the defined format. The system will be shown a success message if validations are successful. You can import questions after successful validation.