Offline Server for Online Examination System

Hardware Requirements

RAM MemoryMinimum 4 GB
CPU2 Core or upward version
No of Concurrent Users SupportedUpto 10-15 concurrent users *


(*) It depends on overall server load, other applications running on server, bandwidth of the intranet environment, connectivity of intranet environment. For additional number of concurrent users requirement, local server can be of higher configuration.

Software Requirements


1Operating System (OS)Windows server / Windows 7 or above framework 4.5.2It is inbuilt for Windows 10 OS. For Other OS Versions it can be downloaded from

3Internet Information Server (IIS)It is inbuilt feature of Windows OS. Need to be enabled from Control Panel

Reference Link for IIS Installation :

4PostgreSQL 9.5.5It is open source Database Platform. It can be downloaded from


After Download you need to run Setup with default option.

5Other Details1.       Server machine will require good internet connection minimum 5 mbps (For downloading data from central server

2.       After installation local web site data will be shared which need to be configured on IIS

3.       After Configuration this site can be accessed via LAN/ Intranet