Remote Candidate Authentication

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform.


Executive MBA Entrance using Remote Proctoring

Institute has highly rated executive MBA course. This course is preferred by many working professionals not only from India but from across the globe.Institute wanted to conduct entrance examination for the eligible applicants of this course. Traditional examination approach was not suitable as candidates are situated across multiple cities and multiple countries.

Proctored Assessments using

​​Remote Proctoring Approach for Entrance Examinations

1. Institute evaluated multiple platforms and found Eklavvya services most suitable to conduct remote online exams with proctoring approach.

2. Hundreds of candidates were provided login credentials and exam timing according to their time zones.

3. Each candidate Appeared for exam with remote proctor monitoring exam process to ensure authenticity and authorization of the process.Each candidate was assigned proctor for smooth execution of exam process. There was ratio of 1:15. e.g. for 15 candidates there was 1 proctor monitoring the process.

4. Identity card of the remote candidate were verified prior to start of online exam using remote authentication feature of Eklavvya.

Remote Candidate Authentication

5. Authorized candidates were allowed to appear for entrance exam. Proctor was able to pause exam in case of suspicious activity found during exam process.

6. Using Video streaming and Analysis process, system was able to monitor remote candidates appearing for the exam.

Online Assessment with Remote Proctoring process

Advantages of Remote Proctoring

A. Entire Process is conducted in professional manner with result of the exam generated instantly after exam completion.

B. Remote candidates were able to appear for the exam from their own city and location.

C. Entire cost of Logistic for such high stake exam was reduced using technology.