Subjective Online Exam
What is subjective online exam?

Subjective exams include question which are supposed to be answered by writing long and descriptive answers. The candidates write elaborate answers to express their opinions or personal judgement.

These exams were specifically designed for pen and paper based exams. But now-a-day, with the help of technology, these subjective exams can be carried out in online mode as well. Not only writing but also the evaluation of subjective online exams has become possible with the help of online examination platforms.

Let us see how these subjective online exams are conducted and evaluated.

How can you create an online subjective exam?

Creating subjective online exam might seem like a difficult task. But with the help of latest technology it can be done in few simple steps.

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What are the features of online subjective exams?

Subjective online exams are filled with features such as Speech-to-Text conversion, options to add symbols and diagrams, Onscreen Evaluation, etc. These features prove useful for both – the candidates and the examiners.

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How can you add subjective questions in an online exam?

The Subjective questions can be added by using the feature of Question Bank Manager. Here are a few steps in which you can easily add new questions to the already existing set of question in the Question Bank.

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How can you edit subjective question in an online exam?

The Subjective questions can be edited by using the same feature of Question Bank Manager. Here are a few steps which can help you to easily edit the existing questions in the Question Bank.

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How can you deactivate a question from a subjective online exam?

The feature comes in handy when a question needs to be removed from the set of questions so that it does not appear in the exam. The steps to deactivate a question using the Question Bank Manager feature are mentioned.

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How can you implement a subjective exam?

Implementation of subjective exam can be after defining questions in the Question Bank. Here are the steps which can followed to implement the subjective exam.

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How can you define an exam which is a combination of both subjective and objective questions?

This feature is useful if an online exam needs to include questions of both types – objective as well as subjective. The steps to create such a combination exam is as below.

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How can you conduct subjective exams in an online mode?

Subjective online exams offer many features which can make is easier to type long answers, add mathematical symbols, attach diagrams, etc. Thus, conducting subjective online exams can become a simple task if the below steps are followed.

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How can the examiner/moderator check the answer sheets?

Onscreen Evaluation is one of the key features of subjective online exams. This feature enables the examiners or moderators to check the answer sheet from any remote location.

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How can you check the results of subjective online exam?

The results of the subjective online exams can be viewed in an online mode after the evaluation of answer sheets is complete. The steps to check these results are as mentioned below.

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What are the advantages of adopting onscreen answer sheet evaluation platform?

The feature of Onscreen Evaluation offers many different options which helps the examiners to evaluate the answer sheets without any hassle. This further helps to reduce the time required to check the answers and thus accelerates the process of result generation.

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