Onscreen Evaluation

Eklavvya has built features and support to automate Onscreen / Online Paper Checking Mechanism. Here are the features of our solution

Entities of Onscreen Evaluation System


Onscreen evaluation System Components


Limitations of Traditional Paper Evaluation process

Onscreen Evaluation Process Advantages


Here is one of the System Screenshot of Annotation Panel to evaluate Answer sheet copy.

Onscreen Evaluation Annotations

Here is the introductory Video to understand what is Onscreen Marking Solution





Here are details of  Online Onscreen Marking System


1.Exam Master Creation

It is first step to initiate online evaluation activity. Examination attributes like Exam Name, Semester Name, Exam Type, Question Paper Pattern need to be defined in the system

Exam can have compulsory / optional questions where student is expected to attempt say any 3 out of 5, any 2 out of 3 questions. Schema of the examination process should be defined for each exam.

It would act as an input to evaluation step.

2.Exam Paper Upload


There is facility to upload question paper in pdf format. Admin can upload question paper associated with each exam defines in step 1.

It would be useful to view question paper during answer sheet evaluation.

You can also upload model answers along with question paper as a reference for evaluators and moderators.


3.Candidate Master Information

Each student / candidate entry should be made in the system with attributes like Name, Email, Contact Number, Division, Stream etc.


4.Candidate Batch Creation

You can define one or more logical grouping of the candidates based on division, course type (full time, part time) and specialization selected etc.

This logical group helps to identify subjects associated with the individual as it would help in assigning exam attributes for particular candidate and subsequent result processing.

5.Scanned Answer Sheet Upload

Scanning process scans physical copies of the answer sheet and it is uploaded to the system over cloud data.

All Answer sheet copies are digitally masked to hide identity of the student from examiner.


6.Examiner/ Evaluator Master Data Creation

You need to upload examiner or evaluator data in the system. You can define individual evaluator with the help of Name, Email, Mobile, Specialization etc.

Each evaluator can login to the system using unique credentials defined.


7. Evaluator Assignment

Admin need to assign each individual evaluator certain number of answer sheets to evaluate.

8. Evaluator Scheduling

Admin can also define evaluation schedule. Evaluator need to ensure that all answer sheets are evaluated within defined time frame.

9.Secure PDF View for Answer sheet / Online Answer Checker

Each evaluator has unique login credentials to login and view individual copy of digital answer sheet.

Secure pdf viewer is provided to view and add annotations. Each evaluator can easily add annotations and marks for individual questions and sub questions. Online Paper Correction can be managed easily with this process.

10.Reporting and Administration

System has provided unique reporting and analytics to track progress of each evaluator, moderator for answer sheet evaluation process.

Critical numbers like total number of answer sheets evaluated, total number of answer sheets pending, avg number of answer sheets evaluated per day, avg time needed to finish particular answer sheet can be tracked to get progress of the task.

11.Moderation of Answer Sheet

As per rules and regulations, certain number of answer sheets should be moderated after first level of evaluation done by the examiner. Moderator can login to the system to start fresh evaluation of the answer sheet. Final score of particular candidate is calculated after taking into consideration moderators analysis.


Here is the detailed Demonstration of how Online Paper Correction works