9 Reasons to implement online paper checking system for your institution or university


9 reasons to implement onscreen evaluation system.


Number one thing is ability to generate results in a quick time  with accuracy so onscreen evaluation can help you to generate results in a quick time.


 Second point   is digital management and storage of the answer sheets. All those physical handling of the answer sheets can be easily eliminated with the digital storage of the answer sheets.


Storage Space required for the storage of those physical booklets is very high but in case of onscreen evolution system, digital storage eliminates all the physical space requirement and managing those digital booklets  becomes very easy and it removes location constraints and turn around.


Third key advantage is, easier retrieval of answer sheets at any point of time from any location because of digital storage of the answer sheets you can easily retrieve  those answer sheets for any location with secured logins


Fourth advantage is that examiners can evaluate digital copies of the answer sheets  in a quick time.


 Physical handling of the answer sheets takes a lot of time for the evaluation.


 But in case of online evaluation, examiners can log into the secure system using their tablet or mobile device or computer.


And it takes a lesser amount of time to evaluate particular answer sheets because automatic total calculation is already there in the system.


Fifth point related to implementation of answer sheet evaluation is accuracy of evaluation is improved significantly.Since in the system, there is a check added where unless  examiners evaluate all the pages of the pages of the answer sheets, system will not allow to submit that answer sheet. It helps to improve accuracy of the evaluation process.


Sixth point related to simplification of moderation or  re- evaluation process.


 So in case of moderation or re-evolution there is a second time you need to handle physical copy of The Answer Sheet and moderator need  to visit the examination center in order to re verify the answer sheets.


But in case of onscreen evaluation, It can be easily managed using secured logins.


Moderators would be issued fresh copy of the answer sheet. That can be evaluated and you can easily define the algorithms where scores of the moderation and first level examiners have taken into consideration when calculating the final score of the student.


7th  advantages, it cut short time taken for the  processing of the result.


 So if you consider physical evaluation  of answer sheets, there are a lot of data entry activities involved and those activities takes a lot of time and coordination activities are also high.


But in case of onscreen  evolution system implementation ,it can cut short  time required for processing of the results.


 In case of some of the leading institutions they were able to reduce their processing time from 45 days to just eight days. It provided  advantage with logistical activity and coordination process gets simplified


There are no logistical activities or examiners or moderators need not have to travel to the respective examination location and physically handling of answer sheet can be removed.


Onscreen evaluation system helps to reduce expenditure of the institute related to evaluation and result processing. Using technology you can reduce more than 50 to 70% of the cost.