Education technology adoption in school is increasing. Technology can help schools to enhance education delivery along with conducting exams.

The online examination system provides ways to manage online exams for your K12 students. It would help you to simplify exam administration, reduce the cost of managing the exam process, proctoring technology can help to detect/ prevent exam cheating activities.


We have conducted school certification tests, mock exams, academic exams, scholarship tests for various national and international schools, certification agencies, NGOs successfully.

Information about managing online exams for school students

1.Admission Test

School Admission Online Test

There are many K12 schools conduct admission test for prospective students. It is one of the entry-level criteria for evaluating eligibility for the admission process.

With the help of Eklavvya platform, you can configure your question bank and define admission tests. Students can attempt such test from any location (home) and remote invigilator (proctor) can monitor it with advanced facilities like secure browser, live video streaming, live chat with student etc.


2.Scholarship Tests

School Scholarship Online Tests

Many K12 schools conduct scholarship tests to identify students eligible for scholarships for their education purpose. In the traditional environment if your students are located at multiple cities/ locations then managing such a scholarship exam at multiple exam centers involves the cost of logistics, invigilation, coordination.

With the help of Eklavvya platform, you can easily manage online scholarship tests where remote invigilators can monitor all students attempting online exams from multiple locations.


3. Academic Tests

School Academic Online Tests

The success of education largely depends on how you are evaluating your students through various new ways of assessments. The focus should be on the practical aspect of the application. Online exams provide you the flexibility to define exam pattern and conduct exams with ease.

Objective Test

You can define and conduct tests based on multiple-choice questions with options ranging from 2 to 5. You can define the subject, topic hierarchy, question bank with difficulty level of the questions.

While defining online exam you can opt for specific pattern/ syllabus as per requirement

Theory/ Descriptive Exam

You can also conduct theory exams with facility to upload documents. Students can type answers and there is also a facility to write on paper and upload photographs of it.

Here is the short video about it

Attempt subjective exam with document upload facility

Conduct Exam in multiple Languages

You can also conduct online exams in multiple languages like Hindi, Arabic, Gujarati, Kannada, Telgu, Tamil etc.

Conduct online exam in hindi

4. Oral / Viva Test


You can define the Viva exam online and ask students to appear for it online. Students can use their mobile + microphone to appear for the online exam.

Question text associated with viva would be displayed on the screen where the candidate can speak about the answer. The entire speech is recorded in the system. Examiner is provided with a login to listen to the audio and evaluate/ assign marks for each individual answer attempted by the student.

Steps to conduct oral exam or viva exam

Eklavvya platform has been used by many international schools to conduct their academic exams in the proctoring environment.

The platform supports various kinds of objective, subjective tests. You can also conduct tests based on audio, video, image. It has support for various question types including fill in the blanks, typing related questions, match the following type of question, multi-select questions, paragraph based questions.

The system also supports the technology of speech to a text where the student can speak the answer which would be typed automatically on the screen.

For subjective tests examiner can login to evaluate each individual answers. Here is the demo video for it.

Subjective Exam Evaluation Process

Online Exam Result and Analytics

The platform provides detailed analytics in terms of the performance of the individual as well as for the whole batch. You can generate various reports of the online test performance. Reports can be downloaded in excel, pdf, image, word formats.

Candidate wise question performance analysis during online exam

TOpic wise analysis of online Exam


Online Exam Scoring Pattern

online Exam Summary

Demo Video for Children and Parents

We provide a demo video of “How to attempt online exams ” for parents and school students. It helps them to appear for online exams. Mock exams are also provided for understanding the user interface of the actual online exam.

Here is one of the demo video of one of the schools which has conducted a proctored online exam.

Steps for How school students can attempt online proctored exam

Summary of Features useful for Schools

  • Conduct Online Proctored Exams on Mobile Phone, Desktop
  • Conduct regular internal assessments with simple exam creation wizard
  • Alert to parents for Exam Schedule on Email and SMS
  • Monitor Individual and Group performance of the exam
  • Seamless Integration with your existing system for results, student information etc.
  • Support theory exams, Fill in the blank, Match the following, questions based on audio/ video/ diagram 
  • Successfully  used by school-children due to simple and easy to use interface
  • Training Videos for children about how to attempt online exam.

Proctor View of Live Candidates Attempting Online Exam



Role-Based Access to the System

We provide Role-based, branch-specific access to information associated with question banks or exams.

  • SuperAdmin: Has access to all information of the system. Can also add/ define new users for the system.
  • Subject Matter Expert: Has access to defining specific subjects/ topics/ exams for a particular subject/ stream.
  • Examiner: Can evaluate answers for the specific subjective exams.
  • Result Viewer: Can view the results of specific exams


We work with reputed schools across the world


Schools using Online Exam System


Schools using online exams

Schools using online exam system

Here is one of the videos of successful implementation of Olympiad Exams for K12 Students

Implementation of certification online exam for schools


Here are some of the testimonials of the organizations conducting online certification tests, academic tests of k12 students.



Global-Olympiads-Academy Debraj Chakravarty






Debraj Chakravarty, Global Olympiads Academy

Eklavvya platform is amazing to conduct secure online exams for any age group. We have successfully conduct remote proctored assessments for our International Olympiad exams for students in the age group of 6 to 18 years. We conducted thousands of such assessments and counting…

The Eklavvya platform has simplified our examination process to a great extent. It gives the flexibility to students to take the exams from home while being remotely proctored by Ekavvya’s Proctors.

Students were able to appear for online exams of mathematical questions with simple, user-friendly features of the online assessment process. Mock exams helped prepare them to a great extent.

The system is very easy to understand and extremely user friendly. Eklavvya’s account management team has been very understanding our needs and customizing the solution.

Thanks for excellent platform and support”



Abhijeet Joshi






Abhijit joshi,
Sys Computers, Senior Partner
“I appreciate Online Exam platform developed by Eklavvya solution, Pune . I have managed to conduct IT Flair Hunt Contest for more than 10000 students from 12 schools. We at Sys Computers, are finding Online Exam activity simplified with Eklavvya solution. Looking forward for the continued support in the future for college level talent hunt initiatives. Platform is user friendly and it is easy to configure”