Aptitude Test

Online Aptitude test is useful to check problem solving, analytical, decision making ability of the individual.

Hiring Assessments - Aptitude Test

Apart from domain knowledge it is essential to have aptitude quotient of the person above average level.

Many organizations are conducting aptitude test using Eklavvya platform to understand problem solving quotient of the prospective employee.

Why Aptitude Test ?

Conducting entrance Exam for  Management (MBA) and other Relevant Courses

Hiring Process of New / Fresh Graduates in the organization for Entry Level Position.

Cut short your evaluation process with automated Online Aptitude Test

Personality Test

It is useful to know nature of the person before hiring. 

Many organizations are relying on personality tests to know candidates.

Face to face interview may not reveal all the facts of personality so standard assessment process can help organizations to take right decision about hiring particular candidate.

Personality Test Assessment

Benfits of Personality Tests

Understand Key Personality Aspects of the Individual in non biased manner.

Cut short assessment of the person during interviewing process with the help of assessment

Save Time and Cost of Manual Assessment of the Individuals.

Personality Assessment Test

Academic Entrance Exams

Student selection during admission process is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities. Many Institutes opt for entrance exam for student selection.

Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed.

Student Selection using Online Entrance Exams

Here is Short Video to Understand Entrance Exam Process

Online Entrance Exam Snapshot

1. Manage Entire Admission Registration, Exam, Result Processing in Paperless Manner.

2. Digital Hall Ticket and Exam Center Management

3. Use Remote Proctoring , Secure Browser  to Eliminate Exam Malpractices or Cheating.

Subjective Assessments

Useful to conduct exams where candidate is supposed to type answers for theory based questions.

Our platform supports theory based exams with answer checking facility available for examiner.

Subjective Online Exam Result

Here is how Subjective Assessment Works

Mock Practice Tests

Do you want to provide mock practice papers to students ?

Do you want to conduct online scholarship tests ?

Mock exams can be useful to prepare for competitive exams.

Mock Exams for online exam process

Here is Short Video to Understand Mock Exams

Why Mock Tests ?

Success for each competitive exam depends on preparation for each topic and practicing mock exams.

If you are running coaching institute and want to digitize your examination process then Eklavvya is right platform for you. It is possible to define assessment for each chapter/ topic/ subject/ sub topic.

Students who are enrolled for the mock test series can appear for each exam.