Are you looking for some kind of seamless solution related to online assessments? 


Do you have your own website or Android application and you have registered users and you want to conduct online exams for those registered users? 


You might be facing a lot of trouble or hassle by integrating any third-party applications related to online assessment and you might be facing a lot of challenges associated with that.  


Application programming interface or API is one kind of solution available with the Eklavvya platform which can help you to seamlessly integrate our online assessment application with your Android app as well as your website.


If you are having a website, which is hosted in PHP or WordPress, or if you have hosted your Android application and you want to conduct online assessment the Eklavvya platform provides various APIs in order to insert set user data in the online assessment system as well as you can Define your own schedule related to online exam as well as there is an API to fetch the results associated with online exam.


You can integrate those APIs with your website or Android application, you can get started with your online assessment process. There are a lot of Education institutions as well as multinational organizations, which are using our APIs in order to integrate and get started with their online assessment process on their own website as well as on their third party Android application as well. 

Here is one such example APP which has seamlessly integrated online exams using Eklavvya API

Online Exams in Android App using API

So let us try to understand how it works. Imagine if you are hosted a website that is in WordPress or you have Android application and you want to seamlessly integrate or get started with the online examination process. Using online APIs provided by the Eklavvya platform you can easily get started with the online examination process. 


Following types of API are provided by Eklavvya Platform

1.Register User

Using this API, you can easily register users for the online exam process. Your system can seamlessly define new users for the online exam process. When user logs in your system, online exam authentication can be initiated from your application itself.


2.Schedule Online Exam

API can be initiated to schedule an online exam process. You can define one or more online scheduled associated with online exams.


3.Fetch Exam Result

API can be used to fetch Online Exam Results after completion of the exam. It can be inserted into your system. If you are interested in a demonstration of our application or how it works then you can connect with us for the demonstration purpose. 

4. Reset Password

Using this API, you can reset password of the user for the online exam. The system would allow you to reset password of the registered user of the online exam process. It can be seamlessly integrated with your system to keep the credentials of the user in sync with your own system.

You can watch this video to understand how API integration works.