Online employee assessment using Eklavvya


Continuous improvement is one of the core principles followed by corporations worldwide, with the changing scenarios and ever advancing technology, it is a must for a company to keep its employees up to date with the latest knowledge.


Multinational company specialized on Sports equipments and jurseys wanted to simplify assessment process. Employees were located at multiple locations and company wanted to have standardization of evaluation process of the employees. Company approached Eklavvya to achieve this goal.

Why assessments are needed?

To keep the knowledge of employees updated, the corporations are implementing microlearning and essential EH&S training programs. As a concluding part of these training, an assessment is conducted to check the knowledge gained by the employee from given microlearning sessions or training.

Microlearning and mandatory training are not just limited to the sports industry but are applicable to all the manufacturing industries, most of the organizations of repute have deployed a learning management system for delivering the microlearning and training content to the employees.

How to conduct the employee assessments in online mode?

As the online assessments are an important part of the training process, the assessments can be directly conducted through the Learning Management System (LMS) by integrating the assessment module with LMS, if not, the assessment module can be used as a standalone software without integrating with LMS.

Eklavvya is an ultimate solution to streamline the content delivery (micro learning and training), you can use Eklavvya LMS for delivering the content and conducting assessments or can use Eklavvya as a standalone tool for conducting assessments.

A globally leading sports brand streamlined the internal employee assessments using Eklavvya to assess the knowledge of their employees and to provide the mandatory trainings and meeting compliance needs

Here are the top features of Eklavvya that helped the reputed sports brand in conducting internal assessments

Multilingual Support

Employee Assessments in multiple languages

The Eklavvya platform supports hundreds of languages and gives you flexibility to design the assessment in your preferred language. Corporations have their employees across multiple nations and thus it is necessary for a platform to support multiple languages, here, Eklavvya serves as a global tool. The reputed sport company conducted its assessment in 20 languages including English, Urdu, Turkish, Bangla, Telugu, Vietnamese to count a few.

Flexibility in choosing features

customization for online employee assessments

We understand that each organization has a different and custom requirement, also, there can be different requirements within an organization, our solution is a completely customizable solution, with our advanced technology and expertise, we align our features into a package that will work best for you.

Here is one example-

The organization wanted to conduct the microlearning based assessment in a strict and proctored environment, the same organization wanted to conduct the EH&S training based assessment without any proctoring and cheating prevention mechanism.

Eklavvya made it possible for them to opt in for a feature only for specific examinations as per the need, each second exam in their account could have a different assessment configuration, this made the firm not to attract any extra and unnecessary charges and stick to their minimal requirments

Convenience to employees

Employee centric features to provide better flexibility

Work life can be hectic and schedules can be uncertain, training can be allowed to be attended in their free time, the exams do not need to have a very strict schedule, furthermore, the employees should be given flexibility to choose their own timing for the examination.

With Eklavvya, the organization could meet all the requirements mentioned earlier, the assessments were configured with flexi schedule (a term used for flexible exam schedule), meaning that the employees could appear the exam as per their time conveniences within given slot for defined duration

For example, a 60 minute duration test based on EH&S safety is scheduled from 7th May, 9 AM to 9th May, 9 PM. Here the employees get a chance to choose their preferred time for appearing the test. One point to be noted is that the exam duration will not change because of this lengthy schedule, the duration of exam will remain unchanged.

So in this case, as an employee, I can choose to appear for the examination anytime between 7th May, 9 AM to 9th May, 9 PM, but the total time that I spend on the system (the online assessment interface) cannot exceed 60 minutes. Thus, the schedule type options can help you to make the employee assessment process convenient to the employees.

Convenience of Administration

Online employee assessment process administration automation

A small team of individuals can effectively implement the training and assessments through Eklavvya LMS, this significantly reduces the human resource cost involved in delivering the training.

The communication was automated, as soon as tests were assigned, the employees used to get automatically communicated through an email on their official email address, once the questions were imported, the administrator could repurpose those questions as many times as needed.

The passing marks could be defined while creating the assessment, based on these marks, the result used to be generated automatically.

With Eklavvya, it is possible to import employee data of thousands of employees for assessment with a single click using API framework, similarly, thousands of questions can be imported in the system and assessment can be assigned in bulk.

As a cumulative effect, all these features together make it possible to make the assessment administration process highly reliable and convenient.