Online Assessment for Hiring

Hiring Process can be automated using Online Assessments. Candidates can be shortlisted based on performance in the online tests. There are various types of assessments available to check personality, knowledge, aptitude of the candidates.



No Assessment Type Details
1 Psychometric Test It is useful to analyze personality and behavioural traits of the person. When you are hiring people for your organisation then understanding key aspects like working in team, innovation ability, introvert/ extrovert , ability to learn new things can be assessed using psychometric tests.


2 Aptitude Test Aptitude test is useful to assess problem solving ability of the candidate. It is mainly used to assess employability of fresh graduates looking for entry level roles.


3 Programming Test This test is specifically applicable for software programmers. Candidate need to solve specific questions related to programming . This test is useful to understand knowledge of the candidate for specific programming skill set.


4 Domain Specific Test You can also define question bank specific to your domain like Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality etc. You can also define examination pattern specific to your domain to assess candidate knowledge of the domain.


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