Online Assessment in Education

There is tremendous thrust for reforms in education sector as far as examination process is concerned.

Many universities/ institutes are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure.


Here is the introductory video of how Online Assessments can be helpful for your institution


Online Assessment for Education Sector











No Assessment (Online Exam) Type Details
1 Semester Exams

Instead of using traditional exam method of pen and paper, many institutes and universities have started shifting to online assessment process.

Our platform is used to conduct various academic level exams. Such exams saves lot of administration cost and result declaration becomes easy.

You can also define theory exams where student need to type answers. Examiners can evaluate it easily. It is best way to shift pen and paper based tests to online

2 Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is useful to assess problem solving ability of the candidate. It is mainly used to assess aptitude level of the student.

Many education institutes have started providing practice tests of aptitude for the students. It is useful to prepare for the campus placement process.

3 Programming Test

This test is specifically applicable for software / information technology. Candidate need to solve specific questions related to programming .

This test is useful to understand knowledge of the candidate for specific programming skill set.

4 Entrance Exam Test

Our platform supports management of entrance exam process like online registration, hall ticket generation, online test, merit list generation etc.


5 Preparation for Final/ Competitive Exams

If you are looking to help students to prepare for competitive exams like NEET/ CET then you can effectively use our platform.

Online Mock tests can be defined for batch of students.

Personalized feedback and analysis of individual performance can help students to prepare for the competitive exams


6 Scholarship Exams

If you can conducting scholarship exams for students situated at multiple locations then Eklavvya platform is suitable for you.

We provide detailed end to end implementation including student registration, online form filling, online fee payment for appearing for scholarship exams, Online hall ticket generation, exam centers to conduct online exams, result processing.

Your entire examination management would be simplified using technology.


6 Subjective Exams

Subjective exam involves lot of paperwork and administrative activities.


Using Eklavvya platform you can conduct online subjective exam.

Students can type answers and it can be evaluated by examiner from any location with auto calculation of total score.



Here is one case study of D Y Patil University. It has automated digital application and entrance exam process using Eklavvya Platform. 

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Here is success story of how of of the leading Govt Nursing college has automated entrance exam using Eklavvya platform



One of the largest University of India has simplified Digital Admission and Exam of the students using Eklavvya Platform.

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Here are details of managing Online Entrance Exam for your Institution.

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You can also conduct theory exam online using our Subjective Exam Assessments

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