Online Assessment for Corporates

The online assessment is a technique used by many to evaluate the caliber and reliability of the candidates. It is drafted to scrutinize the mental , analytical ability of the probable employee.


The assessment programs or exams were earlier taken in person, or rather hard paper to be precise. With the changing trends and upcoming technologies, the same exams are now being conducted via Online Assessment programs.


Our online platform of Eklavvya is one such platform to provide corporates with the Online Assessment Exams. We design online exams for companies who wish to choose their candidate or possible employees through the analysis done by the online examinations.


Organizations can use the assessment platform as a continuous skill building and knowledge learning/ sharing tool.


With Online Assesment, there are multiple options available for the varied requirements of the companies.



1. Induction Test

Inductive Reasoning Test, also known as Inductive Learning Ability, measures how well a person can identify a pattern within a large amount of data. It involves applying the rules of logic when inferring general principles from a constellation of particulars.


Inductive reasoning aptitude is often counter-productive in fields like sales where tolerance is very important because highly inductive people tend to be good at seeing faults in others.



In the Test, the candidate is shown a variety of sets with a varied difficulty level. The result is generated by analyzing how many sets can the candidate solve in the given sets of time.


2. Performance Evaluation Test

As the term suggests, the Performance Evaluation Tests; these tests are conducted to do the scrutiny of the performance of the employees.


The basis of the examination is to decide whether and how the employees are capable of working under different stress levels.

The moderation of the overall performance of the candidate can be drafted through this kind of test.


To put it in technical terms, “performance testing is a practice that strives to build performance standards into the implementation, design, and architecture of a system.


This kind of testing helps corporates to do a study of the quality of work done by their staff.

Types of Online Assessment

3. New Skill Aquisition Test

The intent of this kind of test is to familiarise the employees with the new skill sets or new technologies that are in trend or that are required to be updated.  


With the changing times, the working techniques need to be updated as well. But to make sure that the employees adapt to all these changes, the companies need to see the compatibility of the staff with the new techniques.


To check this compatibility, the company needs to take the New Skill Acquisition Test.

Two major aims are gained through this test:

(a) The employees get to familiarise themselves with the new systems,

(b) The company gets to raise the quality of its staff.   


4. Hiring Test

Hiring test or also known as Employability Testing, is the practice of administering written, oral, or other tests, as an effective way of finding propriety of a probable candidate.


This test comes to aid in choosing the appropriate person for the required job


There are various aspects that need to be looked into when it comes to hiring new employees. The major few that are looked up at are:

(i) Confidence of the candidate

(ii) Domain handling capacity

(iii) The working ability under stressful situations

(iv) Efficiency in the work being allotted



If the candidate is able to fulfill all these bearings, then that candidate can be considered to be perfect for the respective designation.


5. Aptitude Test

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘aptitude’ would be appropriateness or suitability.


The idea behind taking an Aptitude test in the corporate is to check the competence of an applicant for the particular job he/she is attempting for.


The innate nature of an aptitude test is to represent knowledge or ability that is gained through the person’s study.  


The use of this particular test for corporates is to check the skills of the aspirant. It is to see if the applicant has the knowledge according to his on-paper education.


These tests are extremely vital from the candidate’s and the company’s point of view. It helps the candidate to decide his/her future, his/her further career in life.


It helps the companies to find a person who is suitable for the job they are offering.


6. Psychometric / Personality Test

The personality of a person tells a lot about him. The skills that a person has, the mentality, the educational achievements, and the knowledge he/she endures are everything a person is made up of.


As the name gives it away, Psychometric tests are the tests that are conducted to define one’s personality. The skills that one possesses, the knowledge he/she has, are calculated in a psychometric test.   


If the question running in your mind is ‘how is it contributive for corporates?’

To answer this question, every company wants quality staff. Meaning, every organization expects to have such employees who are extremely qualified, liable and outstanding personalities.


Opting for taking Psychometric Tests, provides the companies with exactly that. It makes it easier for them to choose the legitimate person for their needed post.     


The Eklavvya online exam platform is one such organization that provides you with services with which you can conduct the assessments you need for your corporation.


From Induction Tests to Psychometric tests, we will provide you with the best of services.


The reviews of service users so far might give you ideas about our quality of services.

6. Survey / Poll Management for Feedback

Survey’s are useful for getting instant feedback from employees, vendors, contractor, event attendees.

Using Eklavvya platform you can easily manage survey and get instant feedback from your stake holders.

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