Online Assessment for Corporates

Organisations can use assessment platform as continuous skill building and knowledge learning/ sharing tool. Following are some of the ways to use assessment tool to evaluate performance of new employees or existing employees.


Here is the introductory video of how our platform can be use by your organization for employee assessment, training assessments, Recruitment and selection automation, psychometric tests.


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1Induction Test

When you have hired someone and conducting induction or orientation then it is essential for you to check knowledge acquired by the employee during that process.

Induction tests are useful in analyzing performance of the employee and knowledge acquisition process during induction.

2Performance Evaluation Test

If you wish to evaluate performance of the employees after certain intervals like quarterly , half yearly, yearly then you can define specific tests related to particular project.

It would help to understand key performers and their overall knowledge.

3New Skill Acquisition Test

When you want to build new skill sets or competency within the organisation then you can design training program and corresponding test.


4Hiring Test

During recruitment or hiring process, you can define custom domain specific test to check knowledge of the individual.

It can help you to shortlist suitable candidates for the selection process and can save lot of administrative and HR time during recruitment


5Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are useful to analyze problem solving ability and analytical ability of the individual.

Such tests are useful for entry level fresh graduates hiring process


6Psychometric / Personality Tests

Such tests are useful when you want to analyze person for leadership ability, attitude, emotional quotient etc.

Many organizations are using such tests to analyze employees for promotion, senior management hiring, franchise appointment etc.



Here is one of the leading pharma company has implemented digital assessment to train and assess their employees. It has helped them to train remote employees situated across multiple cities and knowledge collaboration process

You can check details here

Here is another case study of Essilor, one of the multinational company effectively using Eklavvya platform to conduct psychometric or leadership assessment test to select franchise for their operations

You can check details Here


Eklavvya Testimonial and feedback about Online exams for recruitment



Here are some of the features of the system

Assessment for companies
Intelligent Remote ProctoringSubjective Online Exams with Intelligence Analysis of AnswersKnowledge Management processSupport for multiple languages in online exams
Custom Online ExamsRole Based Online AssessmentsDetailed auto Log for Online ExaminationAnalysis of Online Examination Process
Online Exam center ManagementImage Graphical QuestionsCandidate Batch Management for Online ExamsGeo tagging for Online Exam Users