Online survey on a tablet. Flat style vector illustration isolated on white background.

Are you looking for management and analysis of the survey for your organization?

Do you want a simple, seamless platform for the management of surveys for Employees, Vendors, Franchise, event attendees of your organization?

You can use Eklavvya platform for managing surveys with simple and easy to use interface. It can also be integrated with your own active directory for Single Sign-on the process.  
  1. You can define the survey with parameters like Survey Name, Instructions, schedule of the survey. You can also upload banners for the survey
Create Online Survey Step1 2. You can define one or more questions associated with the survey. You can also copy questions from the previous survey. There are options for multi-select type questions or single option based questions for the survey. Create Survey Questions Survey Sample Questions 3. Here is one of the screenshots of importing survey-based questions from previous surveys Import Survey Questions 4. You can define multiple surveys and their associated schedule   Survey Grid Survey Grid 5. Each survey would have a unique link for the attempt. Employee/ Vendor/ person can log in using a single sign-on or using OTP password shared with mobile no based login. Survey Login 6. You can do an analysis of the survey and can export survey results as well. Survey Result1 Online Survey Analytics