Online Exam Center

We have strategic tie up across more than 50+ cities across India  for conducting online exams. Each center has facilities with excellent infrastructure including internet, power backups and invigilators.

If you want to conduct exams at those designated centers then you can share list of cities. Eklavvya manages entire exam center co ordination and execution of exam process.



Pre Exam Registration Steps


Exam Center preparation

Post exam Process Management and Result Processing

Following Features are available

  1. Offline Exam Management: In case of locations where internet connectivity is a challenge, we have facility to conduct exam in LAN. Local server machine is connected in LAN. Candidates can appear for online exam without any need of internet connectivity. As soon as exam is completed on local server, entire data of exam is synced with internet based cloud system. Entire data is stored on local machine in encrypted format.
  2. Question Paper DownloadQuestion paper for the exam is downloaded 30 minutes prior to examination  state date and time. It ensures security of the question paper.
  3. Exam center Coordinator :  This person ensures that examination is being conducted in professional manner without any technical difficulty.
  4. Exam Center In charge :  Exam center in charge need to ensure that infrastructure facility, LAN, computers are in proper working condition with proper power supply backup.
  5. Video Recording of Exam Activity    In case of high stake exams, we have examination centers equipped with CCTV cameras with facility of continuous video recording of exam activity. CCTV recording can be handed over for audit purpose based on need for each examination center.
  6. Attendance Recording with verification :  We have facility where attendance of each candidate can be recorded and identity of the individual can be verified using hall tickets and govt identity card verification, bio metric verification process.

Here are some of the Online Examination Activity photographs of examinations conducted across multiple cities

Examination Center for Online Exams


Online Examination Process at Exam Centers in Indian Cities

Online exam Activity at Exam center