Add Questions for online Exams


  1. Login as admin and go to Question Bank > Objective Questions
  2. You can see following screen

Add Objective Questions for online Exam

3 You can click on New Link to Enter Single Objective Question

4. After Clicking on New you can see following screen

Define Objective Question for Online Exam Step1


5. Enter following details to define Objective Question

A. Subject Name: Select one of the Subject associated with the Question

B. Topic Name: Select Topic Name

C. Question Text: If it is text based question then you can type it here

D. Question Type: Select Question Type from Dropdown List

E. Difficulty level: There are 5 difficulty levels you can select one of the difficulty level

F.  Answer Options: You can senter upto 5 Answer Options (minimum 2 options needed)

Define Objective Questions for online Exam Step2

G. Image: If question has included any image then it can be uploaded here

H. Sound /Audio: If question has any sound /Audio  file to be played then it can be uploaded here

I. Video:   If question has any video associated with it then it can be uploaded here.

J. Model Answer:   You can upload model answer of the particular question in the form of text or image.

K. Help Link:   If question has got any help, explanation information then you can define it as reference link.