Onscreen Evaluation Process

Here are steps for using Online Paper Checking System…

Onscreen Evaluation can help you to eliminate logistical activities of manual physical handling of answer sheets, inviting examiners to check answer sheets, result compilation process etc.

Step 1:

Login to the onscreen evaluation  system.

Step 2:

You can see Answer sheets assigned to you as per below screen.

Step 3:

You can click on Check Answer sheet.

Answer sheet evaluation student data masking


Step 4:

You can see  actual copy of answer sheet with details like Roll No, Name masked.

Onscreen evaluation Process


Correct Sign:  You can use this sign to mark particular answer as correct. It would add below symbol on the answer sheet.

Correct Sign for Onscreen Evaluation of Answersheet




Incorrect Sign  You can use this sign to mark particular answer as incorrect. It would add below symbol on the answer sheet.

Mark answer as wrong for Onscreen Evaluation of Answersheet




Assign Marks for Answer  There are icons available for each number of marks. You can use it to define marks for particular answer. On single page you can add partial marks and on next pages subsequent partial marks can be added. System would auto calculate total marks assigned for the answer.

Assigning marks for Onscreen Evaluation




Undo Operation  If you wish to undo particular activity then you can click on the icon to cancel previously performed task.

Add Comments  There is icon button available to add comments on any answersheet page. You can click on it and define font to add comments.

Summary of Marks On the right hand top corner you can see marks allotted for each question. System would automatically display the scores for each answer against question number as shown.


onscreen evaluation score calculation



You can also view Question paper details. There is a link “View Question” . On clicking this button you can see Question contents. It can be helpful for you to see question contents before evaluating any answer.

As you can see after adding annotations answer sheet would look like above screen. On the right hand bottom corner you can see total marks for the answer sheet would be shown. System would auto calculate those marks based on examination pattern, optional questions etc.

In the end system would enable Finish Answer sheet checking button. It would be enabled only if examiner has navigated all the pages of the answer sheet. This ensures that complete answer sheet has been evaluated.

Digital Correction of Exam Papers become easy with onscreen marking. It also saves time for examiners to evaluate answer sheet.

Steps of Digital evaluation of marksheet






Here is the introductory video to understand how Onscreen evaluation system works.