Enterprise edition of the Eklavvya includes all features of standard and professional edition with following (optional) additions

In Premise Solution: If you wish to deploy Online Examination System in your own environment. It can be deployed at your own server with option to conduct unlimited exams. There would be one time cost of deployment (apart from our standard pricing)  based on your requirements. We have deployed our solution in some of the large scale enterprise organisations to manage their assessment process in a secure manner.

White Label Solution: You wish to change any workflow or update solution with your branding. We can customize solution as per your requirement. You have successfully deployed our solution in premise at various places with branding of the customer. There can be workflow changes like prior user registration process, online payment process, certificate generation process, examination pattern customization etc. You can inform us about it. There would be additional charges for change in workflow or any custom feature needed.

Proctored Exams: You wish to conduct proctored exams with live streaming of online exam activities. Remote Proctoring is useful when you wish to monitor remote candidate during exam activity.


We have pricing options for unlimited users and unlimited exams in Enterprise Edition. Please write to us with your requirements to get details of our pricing. (email: info@eklavvya.in)