1. Candidate can login to exam from one location/ browser window. In case candidate tries to login using same credentials at 2 different locations or 2 different browsers then system would show as error message as ” Your previous session is already active!”

Admin can re-enable session for the candidate from admin section as shown below.

Clear Session of online exam process


Go to Candidates > Candidate Data and select candidate to clear session.


2.  Any other activities like new tab opening, windows application opening during online exam is prevented. Warning message is shown to the user when ever such activity is detected. In case of 3 warnings exam is suspended for the user. It helps to prevent users from opening any other window during online exam process.


3.Now you can easily upload Audio and Video files as part of any objective question

Define Objective Questions for online Exam Step2

4. Facility to define model answer for each objective question is added. You can define text or image based model answer for each question as shown above.

5. You can define Online Exam with Proctoring (Applicable for Enterprise Plan). While creating an online exam, there is an option to define if exam is Proctor Base. (Yes/ No Radio buttons are provided). You can select yes if exam is going to be conducted with Remote Proctoring Feature.

Define Online exam with proctoring feature


6.You can enable candidate verification during remote Proctored exam. In this case candidate need to show individual Identity card in order to start online exam. Online exam can be started only if identity is verified. This setting can be enabled from Exam Scheduling option



Online Exam scheduling with Proctoring


Here is one of the screenshot where candidate identity is being verified

verify candidate identity using Remote Proctoring for online Exams