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Education is getting disrupted

The year 2021 was filled with many ups and downs. It also witnessed a lot of changes related to the acceptance and adoption of technology in many different sectors, especially in the education sector.

There are high chances of these changes getting accelerated across schools, colleges, universities, etc. in the current year 2022.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the year 2020, the norms of social distancing were made mandatory in the entire world. The lockdown situation made the students and the teachers to stay at home forcefully and manage all the aspects of education remotely by conducting live classes and online proctored exams.

The current year 2022 will help to expedite the adoption of online modes for delivery of education. There will also be some drastic changes in the degree being offered by various universities. This will result in altering the traditional ways of education and accepting the online education with optimism.

Thus, in this article we are going to see how EdTech is likely to change the educational scenario in 2022.

Upcoming trends in Education Technology

1. Live Classes

This has been one of the most important changes. The classes are being conducted by schools, colleges, universities or even coaching classes in a live manner as both the students and teachers are situated in their respective homes.

The students no more need to visit the campus and sit in classrooms to attend the lectures. Live classes have made it possible for a candidate from Asia to enrol in a well-known institute in The US or Europe.

The candidates can also have group discussion and interactions during live classes.

2. Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Remote learning became the new normal. During the pre-Covid situation, if a candidate enrolled for a certain distance learning or part time courses, it was not valued at par with the full time courses. For example, part time Executive MBA course was given less weightage than the full time Executive MBA course.

But the Covid outbreak situation made a lot of reputed universities across the world to start delivering the courses online. These universities also came up with courses which can be taken only in the online mode for the candidates who are located at any remote location.

3. Online certification/degree

online certifictions and courses

The Covid situation also caused candidates to take up degree or certification courses online. On the successful completion of the courses, the candidates could acquire the degrees and certifications online as well which will be valued equally to the full-time courses.

Thus, year 2021 is going to be the year of online degrees and certifications.

4. Hybrid education

Hybrid education is nothing but a blend of online and offline education. The curriculum will be modified so that some of the classes can be conducted in online mode while some can be conducted in the classrooms in a traditional way.

The candidates need to attend the school only 2-3 times in a week and for the rest of the days, they can attend the live classes from their home. This will helps to save the costs associated to the logistical activities such as transportation as also help to save the time invested on commutation.

The students can visit the schools or colleges when different sports activities or social events will be organized.

5. Online Guest Lectures

guest lectures

In case of higher education, the colleges and universities can organize guest lectures in the online mode. The management can invite guests who could be a faculty from other institutes, or someone from the industry or someone working in the corporate sector to deliver lectures to the students.

Both the students and the guest lecturers can attend or deliver these lectures online from any remote location worldwide and can also interact and discuss with each other. The students can discuss the latest trends in the technology or acquire knowledge about the things they are not completely aware about with the help of technology.

6. Tech companies to Enter Education sector

education technology sector for 2021

In the year 2021, the possibilities of companies working in the field of technology to enter in the education sector, have tie-ups with reputed educational institutions or might even establish their own universities.

A reputed multinational company might come up with its own curriculum which will be completely focused on providing practical knowledge. These courses would provide knowledge customized as per the industry requirements and provide emphasis on the employability aspect.

7. Remote Proctored Exams

The exams which will be conducted online will be monitored using remote proctoring techniques. Various algorithms which will be developed using advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence will help the education institutes to conduct online exams in an environment which is free of cheating.

Thus the location constraint will be totally eliminated and the students can appear for the exam form any remote location in a secure environment.

We at Splashgain Technology have built a platform known as Eklavvya which is being used in more than 15 countries in the world to conduct remotely proctored online exams. Right from schools to the universities, all the educational institutions are choosing Eklavvya’s platform.

Such platforms will be adopted by the educational institutions in an aggressive manner in the current year. Thus remote proctoring has helped to digitize the old traditional way of conducting exams.

8. AI Driven Analysis

AI technology will be used in the year 2022 to generate various reports based on different criteria. These reports which will be customised as per the requirements of the educational institutes. These reports provide all the data in simple and understandable manner as also analyse it with the help of AI algorithms.

9. Integration of Niche Applications

integration with third party applications

The educational institutes will focus on integrating with third-party application or other applications such as ERP or LMS service providers or online examination service providers or online fee collection application. This will give rise to interoperability requirements.

Many new niche applications will come up in the current year. It might become quite impossible to build an end-to-end entire system every time. These niche applications will provide various value-added services related to education delivery.

To address this issue, any tech company which is already providing service to their client need to provide integration approach by providing certain APIs to the client. This will be necessary so as to integrate their application easily with other platforms or applications.

Advantages of Education Technology

Cost effective

Online learning is also going to prove cost effective as the costs invested on infrastructure will be completely eliminated. For example, a candidate enrols for a full time offline MBA course for which he/she needs to pay 50,000 USD. The cost of the same course can be reduced to as low as 10,000 USD or 15000 USD if it is taken in online mode.

The guest lecturers need not travel to the college or university to share their knowledge with the curious young minds which also helps to save the some bucks. The technology is thus going save you from burning a hole in your pockets.

Flexible education

Due to hybrid education, less number of students will be allowed to visit the campus to attend the physical classes. Hence, the management will be able to accommodate more number of students in a class. All the barriers related to the physical classes will be removed and education can thus become flexible with the help of technology.

Time flexibility

As the online exams are conducted in a remote fashion, the students belonging to any geographical area or any time zone will be able to appear for the online exam. Thus the location barriers are totally eliminated.

Voice based assessments and programming tests

Voice based assessments and programming tests are some of the examples of how education technology is proving advantageous to the education sector. Both of these assessments can be conducted in online mode with the help of education technology.

Voice based assessments come with an option to record the answers which are orally said by the candidates while in case of the programming tests, options are provided to compile and run the code to check the output after the program code is written  by the candidate.

The answers recorded while giving voice based assessment is later listened to and evaluated by the examiners but in case of programming tests, the evaluation is automated. The system itself checks the code and evaluates it.

Voice based assessments can be used to conduct oral or viva exams and programming tests can prove useful to conduct online exams to assess candidates’ knowledge related to any computer languages.


Due to social distancing, momentum has been built in the world of digitization in the years 2020-21. This momentum is likely to continue in 2022 as well. More number of education institutions will realize the importance of using technology for education. Various technologically driven online examination platforms will be adopted by the educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities which will provide remote proctoring services. The entire process of answer sheet evaluation will be digitized.

Thus, the current year 2022 will witness increase in the number of institutions who will welcome the technology in the education sector. This will also help them to adopt hybrid pattern of education and become scalable so as to enroll more number of students.

We at Splashgain have been working in the education technology domain for some time which has helped us build various innovative platforms which are filled with features such as AI driven remote proctoring, onscreen evaluation, etc. We have worked with various reputed education institutions and multinational companies located in different countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

If you are looking for a tech-savvy solution to accelerate your education delivery or if you wish to have an edge for your education institution, then please connect with us. We will be more than happy to provide a demonstration of our platform.

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