Online Exam Dashboard

You can see this demo video to get Started

You can login as admin and see dashboard displayed on the screen. Here, I have logged in as admin.

As you can see there are 7 steps shown to get started with your online examination process.

1.First step is to Define Subject. It is top level entity. You can define one or more relevant subjects of the exam.

2.Second Step is to Define one or more topics associated with the subject. Hierarchy is maintained for each subject topic relationship.

3. Third thing is to define custom question type. You can define additional attribute for questions to be uploaded in the system.

4.Fourth crucial step is to import question bank of your online exam. Entire question bank is stored in encrypted and secure manner.

5. Fifth step after importing question is to define online exam pattern. Here you can define objective, subjective type of exam with marking scheme.

6. Sixth step is to define one or more online exam schedules. You can define time frame for online exam scheduling.

7. Seventh step is to add or import candidate data who would be appearing for the online exam process. You can define their login credentials.

In short you can get started with online exam process using those 7 steps.

On dashboard you can see additional information of your subscription plan, exam credit available and your registered candidate count.

There are menu items available on the left hand side to manage exam question bank, exam schedule and analysis of exam results etc. You can navigate to each menu item to see each feature in detail.

Online Exam Dashboard would show you 7 Steps to initiate your exam Process. Each step has progress status.