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Online Aptitude test is useful to check problem solving, analytical, decision making ability of the individual. Apart from domain knowledge it is essential to have aptitude quotient of the person above average level. Many organizations are conducting aptitude test using Eklavvya platform to understand problem solving quotient of the prospective employee.

Education institutes are conducting aptitude tests to filter out/ shortlist suitable students for the management, finance courses.

Eklavvya platform has been used to conduct many such aptitude test by many organizations and education institutes. You can get detailed analytics of individual as shown below.

Competency Graph of Aptitude test result


Aptitude test is useful process to identify suitable candidates during recruitment process, entrance examination selection process for institutes, identification of talented candidates showing skills of problem solving, analytical ability.

Entrance Examination using Aptitude

Eklavvya platform has been used by many institutes, universities, certificate authorities to conduct aptitude test as part of admission process for their academic year of higher education, colleges etc.


Campus Selection Aptitude

Companies are finding it easy to conduct aptitude test using Eklavvya platform to filter out suitable candidates during campus hiring process.