6 ways to secure Online Exam Process in 2021

Adoption of online exams across education institutes, corporate entities is increasing. Conducting an online exam with the help of technology is a simple task. However, security associated with the online exam is posing a challenge for the administrators. What is an Online Exam? Using technology you can assess candidate related to a particular subject/ topic. Traditional pen […]

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Steps to upload Questions in bulk using word file

Eklavvya platform supports the facility to upload questions in bulk using MS word plugin. You need to install the MS word plugin.   Login as Admin Visit Objective Questions Menu Section Click on Bulk Questions Upload Tool as shown below. 4. Click on Download to download tool 5. The system will download WordAddin.zip file 6. […]

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Advance Exam Management with Proctoring, Android App, Sectional Exams

Here are highlights of enhancements added in Feb 2019 1.Improved User Interface to simplify your assessment process. ​​ 2.Now you can have enhanced version of questions with advance support for audio/ video based questions. You can upload it with simplified tool ​​ 3.You can define various sections in the exam. Useful if you wish to […]

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Challenges for Question Paper Generation and Distribution Process during Exams

Examination process is one of the key areas of education administration and student grading process. There are many stakeholders who need to work in co-ordinate fashion to make entire examination process along with result processing a seamless process with 100% accuracy. Examination process is becoming more tech savy and students are expecting fair examination process […]

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Video based Questions for Online Exam

How to use Video Based Questions for Online Exam

Eklavvya supports embedding of YouTube Videos as part of question. While entering question in the system you need to embed youtube code along with the question so that video would be displayed as a part of question. Following is one of the Example of  Question   Identify Purpose of this video   Video can be […]

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Image Based Question for Online Exam

Example of Image Based Questions for Online Exam

Image Based Questions are useful when you want to show Some Graph and Question is based on the Graph Some complex Chemical Equation/ Mathematical Symbols Puzzle Here are examples of image based questions A. Graph based Question B. Image Series Based Question C. Puzzle Based Question  

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Question Bank For Online Exam

Online Examination System Question Bank Management

Following Diagram specifies structure of managing your question bank in the online examination system.   Subject : It is top level entity. If you are considering to import English Language Question bank then top level entity subject could be Named as English. Please refer step to create Subject in the System Topic:  Each Subject can […]

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Bulk Upload Questions

How to upload bulk questions using Excel Sheet ?

1. Eklavvya platform has the facility to upload questions in bulk using an excel template. 2. The following is the format of the excel template. You can download excel template here Question: You can add question text here Answer1: You can add First Answer Option for Multiple Choice Question Answer2: You can add Second Answer […]

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Online Exam Features

Complete Feature List and Brochure of Online Assessment Platform Eklavvya

Eklavvya.in is an online assessment and knowledge management solution used by many corporate, Professional Training Institutes, Universities to conduct entrance exams. It is possible to design online exam with define question bank and question randomization approach according to difficulty level and exam syllabus.   It is useful tool for conducting assessment along with remote proctoring. You […]

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Bulk Upload IMage Based Questions for Online Exam

How to Upload Image Based Questions in bulk ?

Steps Go to Admin Login Visit Menu Question Bank > Objective Questions. Click on Bulk Questions Upload as Shown 3. You can see following screen  4. You would get 2 options to download setup. You can select MS excel based tool download option You can run the setup on your windows based machine and define […]

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Disable Questions of Online Exam

How to deactivate Subjective Question ?

Steps Login as Admin and Go to Question Bank > Subjective Questions You can see following screen 3. you can search Specific question 4. Select your specific question and click on Deactivate as shown in below screen 5. Question would be deactivated and it will not be part of any exam

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Edit Question for Online Exam

How to edit Subjective Question ?

Steps 1.Login as Admin 2. Go to Question Bank > Subjective Questions 3. You can see the following screen.   4. Select Subject Name and Topic Name to identify Question to be edited and click on Go 5. You can see the following screen 6. Click on Edit to see Subjective Question Contents 7. You […]

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Add Questions for online Exams

How to add Subjective Questions ?

Steps 1. Login as Admin/ Question Bank manager 2. Go to Question Bank > Subjective Questions 3. Click on New Link as shown in the below screenshot   4. After Clicking on on New you can see the following Screen 5. You can select appropriate Subject/ Topic Name/ Question Type / Image if any to […]

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