Answer Sheet Scanning using Scanner for onscreen evaluation process

Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System

Here is the introductory video to explore how you can use Onscreen Evaluation System to simplify Answer sheet checking , moderation and overall result processing for theory examinations of your institute or university. Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve current examination answer sheet checking process. Physical Answer Sheet Evaluation Physical answer sheet handling […]

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How Traditional Answer sheet evaluation Process can be improved

Traditional answer sheet evaluation process has many activities to be completed in order to declare result.   Checkout below steps to simplify answer script evaluation. 1.Collection of Physical Answer Sheets at Central Location Examination is conducted across multiple locations. All the physical copies of the answer sheet should be collected at the secure central location for […]

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How to Evaluate Answer Sheet using Onscreen Evaluation?

Here are steps for using Online Paper Checking System… Onscreen Evaluation can help you to eliminate logistical activities of manual physical handling of answer sheets, inviting examiners to check answer sheets, result compilation process etc. Step 1: Login to the onscreen evaluation  system. Step 2: You can see Answer sheets assigned to you as per […]

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Onscreen Evaluation

Onscreen Evaluation for Answer Sheet Checking

Eklavvya has built features and support to automate Onscreen / Online Paper Checking Mechanism. Here are the features of our solution     Here is one of the System Screenshot of Annotation Panel to evaluate Answer sheet copy. ​    Download Free eBook    Here are details of  Online Paper Checking System   Exam Master […]

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