How to Evaluate Answer Sheet using Onscreen Evaluation?

  Step 1: Login to the onscreen evaluation system. Step 2: You can see Answer sheets assigned to you as per the below screen. Step 3: You can click on the Check Answer sheet.   Step 4 : You can mark blank pages of the answer sheet in bulk. So that you need not have […]

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Digital Evaluation

Digital Evaluation of Answer Sheet [Definitive Guide]

Introduction to Digital Evaluation Evaluation of answer sheets of the exams conducted in the traditional way is a tedious and critical task. Lot of time and energy is invested by the teachers or examiners to check every question, mark the blank pages, write the marks for each question and count their total. There is a […]

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OnScreen Evaluation System

The efficiency of Onscreen Evaluation Process (Study based on Data Analytics)

Timeliness, fairness, and transparency in the examination evaluation process is a key parameter for student satisfaction in the overall learning experience – as examination results reflect how well was the subject matter absorbed by learners and the feedback provided by the teacher alongside grade is crucial for a student to improve know-how in the shortcoming […]

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6 Key entities of OnScreen Evaluation System

6 key entities for successful digital evaluation of the answer sheet

Answer sheet evaluation is a critical task to complete the result processing activity of an educational institute. By adopting technology and integrating it with the answer sheet evaluation, the whole process can be simplified.   Examiners, moderators, and registrars are involved in order to complete the activity of the answer sheet evaluation process.   In […]

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Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking System     Do you want to simplify the Answer sheet Checking Process with the help of technology? Do you want to know how the Onscreen Evaluation Process can save you time? Want to know best Practices Adopted by Tech Savy Universities for Onscreen Marking?   Onscreen Evaluation System is […]

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Examination Result Processing

How to manage University Result Processing using technology of Onscreen Marking System

Post examination activities are crucial to publish examination results on time. Many education institutes and universities face many challenges to publish results within 30 to 45 days after completion of the exams. Each entity from the examination department right from the controller of examination, registrar, answer sheet evaluator professor or teachers, moderators, result printing team […]

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Answer Sheet Scanning using Scanner for onscreen evaluation process

Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System

Here is the introductory video to explore how you can use Onscreen Evaluation System to simplify Answer sheet checking , moderation and overall result processing for theory examinations of your institute or university. Listen to the podcast of Onscreen Evaluation System Advantages  Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve the current examination answer […]

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How Traditional Answer sheet evaluation Process can be improved

The traditional answer sheet evaluation process has many activities to be completed in order to declare the result.   Check out the below steps to simplify the answer script evaluation.   Here is a short video about Onscreen Marking System 1.Collection of Physical Answer Sheets at Central Location The examination is conducted across multiple locations. All […]

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Onscreen Evaluation

Onscreen Evaluation for Answer Sheet Checking

Onscreen Evaluation or digital answer sheet evaluation provides many advantages for the education institutes to simplify post examination activities leading to result processing. Here is some of the key features of Onscreen Evaluation System to explore and get started. What is Onscreen Marking System ? Onscreen Marking System is useful to evaluate physical copies of […]

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