Online Assessment on Tablet

How to Conduct Offline Assessment using Tablet/ Mobile Device

It is possible to conduct assessment process in offline mode and sync data at later time with main system. This is useful in case of internet connection limitations or connectivity issues. Following workflow is useful to conduct assessment process in offline mode We have built android application to conduct offline mode exams Admin/ Exam Controller […]

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Online Exam Center

How to Manage Online Exam Centers

We have strategic tie up across more than 100+ cities across India  for conducting online exams at online exam centers. Each center has facilities with excellent infrastructure including internet, power backups and invigilators. If you want to conduct exams at those designated centers then you can share list of cities. Eklavvya manages entire exam center […]

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Offline Assessment

How can we conduct Offline Assessment Process

Need of Offline Examination System Even though internet penetration is decent in India but still there is issue for its availability and speed in some of the areas mainly at tier 2/3 cities or rural India. In case of internet failure or non satisfactory performance, conducting online examination may become challenging. Concept of Online-Offline Exam […]

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Offline Server for Online Examination System

What are Technical Requirements for Setting up Offline Assessment Server

Hardware Requirements RAM Memory Minimum 4 GB CPU 2 Core or upward version No of Concurrent Users Supported Upto 10-15 concurrent users *   (*) It depends on overall server load, other applications running on server, bandwidth of the intranet environment, connectivity of intranet environment. For additional number of concurrent users requirement, local server can […]

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