Audit Log of Online Exam

How Audit Logging is Supported for the Platform?

We have defined Online Examination security and audit logging . It is useful while analyzing the exams. You can check details of activity performed by administrator as well as individual candidate while appearing for the online examination process. You can select individual user to see details of activity performed using individual login. You can also […]

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Online Exam Credits

What is Online Exam Credits ?

Exam Credit  is based on number exam instances utilized by you in the form of Exam Credits. If you have 100 candidates appearing for the 1 exam then it would be considered as 100 Exam Credits.   If you have 1000 exam credits then 1000 Candidates can appear for 1 exam or 500 candidates can […]

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Secure Browser for Online Exams

What is secure Browser for Online Exams ?

During Online Exam security aspect is critical. Candidate should not be allowed to open any other screen while examination process is ON. Secure browser makes sure that candidate’s browser windows is locked for other activities. During examination process it is not possible to open another window. This helps to secure exam from unauthorized cheating. Secure […]

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online Exam website integration

How to embed Online Exam for Website ?

It is important that you should complete other activities of exam initiation steps along with Logo upload before embedding link on your site. You can download attached file and add it on your web site hosting environment. Add Link of Online Exam and provide direct Link to OnlineExam.htm. Your embedding process would be done. Download […]

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