Leadership Assessment

Why Leadership Assessment is crucial during Hiring Process

Leader. A word that reminds us of revolutionaries and luminaries.    Martin Luther King, Jr rightly said that A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a moulder of consensus”.    Leaders have the power to charm and lead everyone around them. They have a lasting impact on our lives.    But in […]

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5 Pitfalls to avoid while implementing online exam process

Online examination process is helping automation and simplification of exam process. Pen and paper based exams are getting shifted to online mode. Technology is essential to boost educational services as it can help improving overall processes and  it would indirectly ensure that quality of the education is improved for the stakeholders of the education. 1. […]

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Online Exam Slot Booking Process

Are you looking to simplify  Center Based Online Exam Process ? Do you want to simplify slot booking for online exams for candidates ? We have implemented Online Exam Slot Booking Process for many Universities and Autonomous Institutes. Exam slot booking or exam scheduling is useful for autonomous courses, education courses delivered over distance education, […]

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Challenges for Question Paper Generation and Distribution Process during Exams

Examination process is one of the key areas of education administration and student grading process. There are many stakeholders who need to work in co-ordinate fashion to make entire examination process along with result processing a seamless process with 100% accuracy. Examination process is becoming more tech savy and students are expecting fair examination process […]

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Remote Candidate Authentication

Successful Implementation of Remote Proctoring Assessments

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform. Background ​ Institute has highly rated executive MBA course. This course is preferred by many working professionals not only from India but from across the globe.Institute wanted to conduct entrance examination for the eligible applicants of this course. Traditional […]

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ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Entrance Examinations

ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Online Entrance Examinations

        ASSI wanted to conduct Fellowship entrance examination for medical professionals across the region. ASSI designed objective examination for the candidates. After evaluating multiple assessment platforms, ASSI decided to use Eklavvya platform to conduct online entrance examination.   Remote Proctoring Process Each individual candidate appearing for the exam was situated at different […]

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Campus Placement Interviews

4 Easy Steps to Simplify the Campus Placement Activity for Your Company

A company has to strike a balance between diverse parameters during a campus placement drive. From attracting the right talent and carrying out aptitude tests to conducting interviews, placement drives which is a tough and quick decision making. Additionally, this can also be a physically consuming activity. It involves many logistics – going to a […]

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Onscreen Evaluation

Onscreen Evaluation for Answer Sheet Checking

  Eklavvya has built features and support to automate Onscreen / Online Paper Checking Mechanism. Here are the features of our solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_NxwOByKM0 What is Onscreen Marking System ?  Onscreen Marking System is useful to evaluate physical copies of the answer sheets in digital format. It helps removing location and physical answer sheet handling constraint […]

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Assessment platform Features for Skill Assessment

Eklavvya supports features required for skill assessment and Training. If you wish to conduct assessment for specific skill domain then we have technology and features to implement it. No Feature Details 1 Question Bank Management A.      Support for image based, graphical questions B.      Bulk Uploading questions C.      Mapping of Questions based on NOS, PC, Difficulty […]

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What is Online Exam

Use of Eklavvya for Online Examination System

Here is the short video of use of Eklavvya for Online Examination System Looking forward to automate your assessment / Examination Process ? Want to reduce cost of assessment with the help of technology ? Looking to conduct assessment of your employees, want to check new candidate before selection decision. Looking to conduct  exam where candidates […]

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Online Exam Platform Features

Introduction of Online Examination System

What is Online Examination System ? Online Examination System is technology driven way to simplify examination activities like defining exam pattern with question bank, defining exam timer, objective/ subjective question sections, conducting exams using computer or mobile devices in paperless manner. Online Examination System is cost effective ,scalable way to convert traditional pen and paper […]

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Online Examination

Demo of Online Examination System

Demo of Online Examination System You can define online examination system using award winning Eklavvya platform in 7 steps. Online exam can be configured with readily available question bank, online exam pattern, candidates who are going to appear for online exam along with schedule associated with online exam. It can be secured with the use […]

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