5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations

One of the major concerns of institutes while conducting an online examination is the apparent risk of malpractices that comes with it due to lack of human invigilation. One of the sad truths about education and examinations today is that students come up with creative techniques to cheat in an exam, be it an online […]

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Advance Exam Management with Proctoring, Android App, Sectional Exams

Here are highlights of enhancements added in Feb 2019 1.Improved User Interface to simplify your assessment process. ​​ 2.Now you can have enhanced version of questions with advance support for audio/ video based questions. You can upload it with simplified tool ​​ 3.You can define various sections in the exam. Useful if you wish to […]

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Eklavvya Platform Feature Updates (Oct 2018)

Candidate can login to exam from one location/ browser window. In case candidate tries to login using same credentials at 2 different locations or 2 different browsers then system would show as error message as ” Your previous session is already active!” Admin can re-enable session for the candidate from admin section as shown below. […]

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Eklavvya Platform Feature Updates (May 2018)

A. We have revamped our user interface design . Here are some of the glimpses B. Now you can conduct combination of Subjective + Objective Exams. C. Facility of Remote Proctoring can be enabled for particular exam. During Exam Create Process you can enable proctoring. D. Exams logs are enhanced. You can check question by […]

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Sign up with Linkedin and Google for Online exams

Online Examination System Platform Feature Updates December 2017

Login / Sign Up with Google/ Linkedin is added Now you can easily register or sing up with your linkedin or Google credentials. No need to remember your credentials for sign up with Eklavvya.   2. Facility of importing candidates who are going to appear for exam is updated. Now you can see suggestions and […]

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Exam Analytics2

Platform Feature Updates (November 2017)

We have updated various features to improve functionality. We have revamped our user interface to suit current changing trends. Facility of multi choice questions added. User can define questions having multiple answers. You can check details here. Facility to conduct sectionwise exam added. users can define exam having sections. You can check details here. Now […]

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