Campus Placement Interviews

4 Easy Steps to Simplify the Campus Placement Activity for Your Company

A company has to strike a balance between diverse parameters during a campus placement drive. From attracting the right talent to carrying out aptitude tests to conducting interviews, it involves tough and quick decision making. Additionally, this can also be a physically consuming activity. It involves many logistics – going to a campus, invigilating the […]

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6 ways to Assess Candidates Before Hiring

  Hiring or Recruitment is one of the critical processes for any organization. Selection is right candidate can take organization to the next level. However wrong selection can be costly and it can lead to losses. Technology can help to automate some of the key process so that you can easily filter out suitable candidates […]

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Steps to Conduct Online Subjective Exam

​ Subjective exams are traditionally being conducted using pen and paper based mode. This process can be time consuming specially for answer sheet checking mechanism. Technology can help to simplify this process. Subjective exam can be conducted online with the help of 5 steps mentioned below 1. Define Question Bank You can define online question […]

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Online Test Series Solution

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams. There are hundreds of competitive exams are being conducted across India for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc. Success for each competitive exam depends on preparation […]

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online Exams

Managing Online Entrance Exam for Education

  Student selection during admission process  is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities. Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed. Eklavvya platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for […]

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Listening Ability Test

Listening ability is one of the important competency for many profiles including reporter, clerks, business analyst, client support, customer support profiles. Online assessment can be conducted to check listening ability of the individual.   In such tests candidate need to listen some audio/video recording. Based on the recording certain set of questions are asked , […]

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Domain Specific Online Assessment Test

Conduct Domain Specific Test

Domain specific tests are useful to check domain knowledge of the person. Following are some of the examples of domain specific test 1.Customer Support Assessment Such test can be focused on to check if candidate has ability to manage customer support. This function requires good written and oral communication along with assertiveness to understand customer […]

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Personality test Assessment

Define and Conduct Personality Test

There are various algorithms defined to analyze personality using certain segment of questions. Candidates are asked questions about various situations, facts and candidates are supposed to express their opinion by selecting one of the objective choices provided. System analyzes each response to calculate cumulative score of the individual for each sub section. Such type of […]

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Aptitude Test

Define and Conduct Online Aptitude Test

                        Online Aptitude test is useful to check problem solving, analytical, decision making ability of the individual. Apart from domain knowledge it is essential to have aptitude quotient of the person above average level. Many organizations are conducting aptitude test using Eklavvya platform to […]

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online assessment tests

Online Assessment Tests which can help you to Automate selection Process

Selection process or evaluation process is critical step for any education institute or organization.  Education institutes and universities need to evaluate prospective students to identify if they are eligible for the course. During learning process there is continuous evaluation process to inform students about their progress and how they stand in terms of knowledge with […]

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Online Assessment in Education

Online Assessment for Education

There is tremendous thrust for reforms in education sector as far as examination process is concerned. Many universities/ institutes are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure.   Here is the introductory video of how Online Assessments can be helpful for your institution                 […]

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Online Assessment for Training Organisations

Online Assessment for Training Institutes

Training institutes who are preparing students for entrance exams like CAT/ JEE/ MPSC/ UPSE/ Management/ CET/ MBBS can use our system in following manner.     No Assessment Type Details 1 Chapterwise Assessment If you want students should appear for test which is based on each chapter then you can manage it effectively using our […]

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