Remove Physical Invigilation for Online Exams with Auto Proctoring

Do you want to conduct an online assessment for the remote candidate located across multiple locations?   Do you want to ensure that there is the highest form of security associated with online exams?    The physical invigilation process has limitations in terms of its scalability and logistics. Someone needs to physically present at the […]

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5 ways to prevent cheating during exams

5 Things To Do To Prevent Cheating During Online Examinations

One of the major concerns of institutes while conducting an online examination is the apparent risk of malpractices that comes with it due to lack of human invigilation. One of the sad truths about education and examinations today is that students come up with creative techniques to cheat in an exam, be it an online […]

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Eliminate top 6 challenges of offline exam process using Remote proctoring

E-learning is the upcoming way of education, making it a USD 100 billion-plus industry. More students are opting for online courses and diplomas, to add to their resumes. The advantage of such courses is that they can be availed remotely and thus students can complete multiple courses (online and offline) simultaneously. Online Educational Courses are […]

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Remote Candidate Authentication

Successful Implementation of Remote Proctoring Assessments

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform. Background ​ Institute has highly rated executive MBA course. This course is preferred by many working professionals not only from India but from across the globe.Institute wanted to conduct entrance examination for the eligible applicants of this course. Traditional […]

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ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Entrance Examinations

ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Online Entrance Examinations

        ASSI wanted to conduct Fellowship entrance examination for medical professionals across the region. ASSI designed objective examination for the candidates. After evaluating multiple assessment platforms, ASSI decided to use Eklavvya platform to conduct online entrance examination.   Remote Proctoring Process Each individual candidate appearing for the exam was situated at different […]

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Identity Verification during Remote Proctoring online examination

Steps to Authenticate Candidate using Remote Proctoring for Online Exams

Remote Proctoring is the process which can help you to conduct online exam for remote candidate. Authentication of remote candidate is important so that you can allow valid person to appear for online exam. When candidate is appearing for exam from remote location, you need to verify person by checking his/her identity. Technology can help […]

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Online Exam Remote Proctoring

Remote Exam Invigilation Process

Remote Invigilator can perform following tasks Initiate Live Chat with Candidate appearing for the exam Kill Exam of remote candidate in case if it is found that candidate is cheating during exam Live Streaming View of the Candidate during Exam Process to authenticate individual identity Verify that candidate is not getting any help from surrounding […]

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Remote Proctoring Process

What is Online Exam Proctoring ?

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control online examination process in scalable manner. In traditional exam process an invigilator need to be present at the exam center to validate candidates appearing for the exam.   For each exam center of around 30-50 candidate you need one invigilator. So for conducting exam of […]

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