Conduct Viva or Oral Exam Online using this simple technique

Are you looking for simple ways to conduct viva online? Do you want to conduct oral exams for your students remotely? In the current era of social distancing management of academic exams is becoming a challenging task. Eklavvya platform has been used by many educational institutes and universities to conduct proctored exams remotely. We have […]

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Online Exams for Schools

Education technology adoption in school is increasing. Technology can help schools to enhance education delivery along with conducting exams. The online examination system provides ways to manage online exams for your K12 students. It would help you to simplify exam administration, reduce the cost of managing the exam process, proctoring technology can help to detect/ […]

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How to manage academic exams during Covid-19 or Coronavirus outbreak

Academic institutions are shutting down for a couple of weeks to a month due to coronavirus outbreak across the world. Various academic exams are getting canceled or postponed. Covid-19 has already been declared as a global pandemic by WHO. Academic institutes and universities are trying to identify new ways to complete academic years for schools, […]

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5 Pitfalls to avoid while implementing online exam process

Online examination process is helping automation and simplification of exam process. Pen and paper based exams are getting shifted to online mode. Technology is essential to boost educational services as it can help improving overall processes and  it would indirectly ensure that quality of the education is improved for the stakeholders of the education. 1. […]

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Remote Candidate Authentication

Successful Implementation of Remote Proctoring Assessments

One of the leading Govt controlled Education Institute has successfully conducted Online Examination using Remote Proctoring Technology of Eklavvya platform. Background ​ Institute has highly rated executive MBA course. This course is preferred by many working professionals not only from India but from across the globe.Institute wanted to conduct entrance examination for the eligible applicants of this course. Traditional […]

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ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Entrance Examinations

ASSI has used Eklavvya platform to manage Online Entrance Examinations

        ASSI wanted to conduct Fellowship entrance examination for medical professionals across the region. ASSI designed objective examination for the candidates. After evaluating multiple assessment platforms, ASSI decided to use Eklavvya platform to conduct online entrance examination.   Remote Proctoring Process Each individual candidate appearing for the exam was situated at different […]

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Online Test Series Solution

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams.   There are hundreds of competitive exams are being conducted across India for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc. Success for each competitive exam depends on […]

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online Exams

Managing Online Entrance Exam for Education

  Student selection during admission process  is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities. Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed. Eklavvya platform has managed many entrance exams of reputed institutes and universities for […]

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Online Assessment for Training Organisations

Online Assessment for Training Institutes

Training institutes can use the online Assessment Process to guide their students while preparing for various exams. Here is how it can be benefitted for the training institute.     No Assessment Type Details 1 Chapter-wise Assessment If you want students should appear for a test which is based on each chapter then you can […]

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