Online Assessment for Corporate The online assessment is a technique used by many to evaluate the caliber and reliability of the candidates. It is drafted to scrutinize the mental , analytical ability of the probable employee.   The assessment programs or exams were earlier taken in person, or rather hard paper to be precise. With the changing trends […]

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Hiring Automation

Hiring Automation: The new normal for recruiters

Being a recruiter/human resource manager/employer, we all have to agree to a fact that Hiring is a tedious process in itself.  Hunting for a perfect match for the position to be filled at your organization becomes daunting at times.  Hiring process includes multifarious parameters while analyzing the received applications such as analytical abilities, critical thinking […]

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Manage Survey/ Polls With Ease

Are you looking for management and analysis of the survey for your organization? Do you want a simple, seamless platform for the management of surveys for Employees, Vendors, Franchise, event attendees of your organization? You can use Eklavvya platform for managing surveys with simple and easy to use interface. It can also be integrated with […]

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Corporate Hiring

3 ways in which corporates can hire better

Employees are the most important stakeholders of any organization as it is because of them that the organization can function and grow.    And thus, hiring processes are one of the most important activities that take place within organizations. This process takes up a lot of time and effort of the company. It is a […]

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Psychometric Test and Assessment

Psychometric Tests to Improve Organization Hiring

Introduction of Psychometric Test ​ In the very beginning let us start by understanding what the phrase ‘Psychometric Test’ means. A psychometric test is a test designed to show someone’s personality, mental ability, opinions, etc.    Human psychology has always been a subject of interest for researchers, and many scientists and researchers have tried to […]

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Leadership Assessment

Why Leadership Assessment is crucial during Hiring Process

Leader. A word that reminds us of revolutionaries and luminaries.    Martin Luther King, Jr rightly said that A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a moulder of consensus”.    Leaders have the power to charm and lead everyone around them. They have a lasting impact on our lives.    But in […]

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Top 5 things that make employee training effective for organizations

En route growing and expanding a business, one of the fuels is the training of its employees, that too on a regular basis. Training is basically an endeavor to help employees reach the fullest of their potential. Training actually is aimed at developing better skillset, increased productivity, higher retention rates, and an improved brand. The […]

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Online Assessment services for companies

How CMS IT simplified Skill Assessment of Employees

Are you looking to provide Skill Based Training to your Employees ? Do you want to assess skill sets of your employees ? Are you looking for technology to simplify employee assessment process ? Organisations are constantly looking to evolve, train employees to new technology, new knowledge to keep pace with rapidly changing technology and […]

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Competence or Degree Certificates: On What Basis Do You Hire Employees?

With the emergence of Competence-Based Assessment (CBA), corporates are looking for new ways to assess their potential employees As a corporate firm, what pops up in your mind when the term “requirements for a job” is uttered? Education, qualifications, degree, experience…? Yes, all these are indeed closely connected to hiring. In fact, there is no other […]

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Campus Placement Interviews

4 Easy Steps to Simplify the Campus Placement Activity for Your Company

A company has to strike a balance between diverse parameters during a campus placement drive. From attracting the right talent and carrying out aptitude tests to conducting interviews, placement drives which is a tough and quick decision making. Additionally, this can also be a physically consuming activity. It involves many logistics – going to a […]

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Hiring Assessments for Corporate

6 ways to Assess Candidates Before Hiring

Hiring or Recruitment is one of the critical processes of any organization. Selection of the right candidate can improve the standards of the organisation. However, any wrong selection can sometimes lead to massive losses. With the help of technology, one can automate some of the processes during hiring so that the filtering of the suitable […]

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