Do you want to conduct an online assessment for the remote candidate located across multiple locations?


Do you want to ensure that there is the highest form of security associated with online exams? 


The physical invigilation process has limitations in terms of its scalability and logistics. Someone needs to physically present at the examination center, candidates need to visit the exam center in order to appear for online exams.


Technology like proctoring is helping online exams scale up in terms of accessibility, the highest form of security, identification of exam malpractices, etc.


Auto proctoring process can automate exam invigilation, candidate authentication process. You can easily conduct online exams for multiple users situated across geography, multiple cities. Candidates can appear for the exam from any location. Auto proctoring can eliminate location constraints associated with the exam center.


While candidates are attempting online exams, you need to have an Auto proctoring mechanism for the Auto exam invigilation process. 

Image-Based Proctoring

Capture candidate photo during online exams

The first scenario is related to image proctoring. Imagine if a candidate is attempting an online exam from any location. Image proctoring is a mechanism, which is very useful to capture the photographs or images associated with the remote candidates. 


You can configure the system in such a way that a photograph of the remote candidate can be captured after every 30 seconds or 40 seconds or 1 minute.


If your online exam is of say 60 minutes then,  at the end of the exam you will be able to capture the candidate photographs, approximately 40 to 60 such images will be available and you can easily verify identity associated with that online examination user and based on that identity verification you can easily conclude whether that online exam has been conducted in a fair manner or not. 


Image proctoring is a lightweight mechanism where if you have limitations associated with internet bandwidth, but if you want to capture the photographs of the remote candidates then, image proctoring is a very useful mechanism in order to verify the identity of the remote candidate who is attempting the online exam.


Eklavvya platform supports image proctoring. While defining an online exam you can enable proctoring for the exam and can define time interval in seconds in order to capture the image of the candidate appearing for the exam.

Candidate Photo Capturing Process

Those images can be verified/ seen in the result panel for verification purposes.


There is a facility available to verify candidates at the start of an online exam. During this process, the candidate needs to show his/her identity cards before starting the online exam. Remote exam invigilator needs to verify this identity card and approve it to initiate a remote online exam of the user.

Video Proctoring

Continuous video streaming for proctored online exams

Another important aspect associated with proctoring is remote proctoring on video-based invigilation. So in this scenario, the system takes control of the web camera attached to the computer and it continuously monitors the remote user with the help of continuous video streaming of the activity associated with the user. 


As a remote exam invigilator, you can easily monitor remote exams sitting at any location. 


Imagine, if there are 40 to 50 candidates who are attempting your online exam from multiple locations. Then, as a remote exam invigilator. I can log in to the system and I can monitor entire activity associated with those remote candidates and the system also saves entire video streaming activity within the system. 


As a part of the audit process, you can easily verify those video streaming activities at a later point in time. So you can easily access those Video recordings associated with online exam activity at any later point of time.  


It is very useful while verifying if the online exam has been attempted or verified in an authorized manner or not. 


Eklavvya platform supports remote video proctoring processes where candidate activity is tracked during the exam process. It is also recorded in the form of a video. This video is accessible to exam invigilators for audit purposes.

Remote Proctoring Process

These two mechanisms like image proctoring or video proctoring are very useful while conducting online exams. 

Audio Proctoring

It is another way to monitor remote candidates. The system captures audio around the candidate appearing for the exam. It can help you to capture and analyze the audio to ensure that the candidate is not taking any help from other users or candidates is not talking with some other person during online exam activity.

Audio capturing and analysis can be the additional proctoring mechanism to ensure fair and authorized online examination process.


There are a lot of multinational organizations as well as various educational institutions, which are conducting Online Exams successfully with the help of video proctoring as well as image proctoring which are provided by the Eklavvya platform. 


If you are interested in understanding how video proctoring or image proctoring works, then you can connect with us for the demonstration purpose.

How Remote Proctoring Works ?

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