Artificial intelligence based assessments : A breakthrough In Recruitment process

Remote hiring is a new trend with lot many advantages, The possibilities that Artificial intelligence (AI) brings to the world of recruitment are virtually endless. AI can assist organizations in assessing the capabilities of prospective employees, as well as helping them to determine whether a particular candidate is a good cultural fit for the company. It can also be used to identify new markets, products, services and partnerships.

The potential for AI to change the nature of work is immense, but it is not the first technology to do so. In the 20th century, electrification transformed manufacturing and production, while computers changed how accountants and office workers did their jobs. But what is different with AI is how it will affect all industries, occupations and economic sectors as well as how fast it will happen. AI-enabled technologies like machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning can be used to assess the capabilities of candidates in a variety of ways.

Application of artificial intelligence technology in recruitment process

While computers have long been used to help companies sort through applications, current AI tools have taken things further by developing an understanding of what makes a candidate suitable for a role. This enables them to compare resumes against job descriptions to find suits based on skills and experience. They can also identify gaps in employment history, areas that need further explanation or other red flags in a resume that may lead to automatic rejection.

One way that AI may be used more widely in the future is in training and development. As traditional job roles become more automated, the skills required to fulfil those roles will change too. Organizations will need to train their staff to acquire new skills and knowledge, both so that they can continue to work effectively, and so that they can remain competitive when searching for new roles. Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly making its way into the hiring process.

More and more companies are relying on AI to help identify candidates with the right skills. With AI, recruiters can reach a wider pool of talent while saving time and money. There are several ways in which AI could be used by HR teams when assessing potential employees.

Critical aspects for Artificial intelligence driven prospective employee assessment

AI-Driven Assessments

Artificial intelligence driven Assessments

New technology is always on the horizon, and the talent acquisition field is no exception. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic for recruiters and hiring managers alike. AI can give HR professionals more time to focus on high-level tasks such as relationship-building and strategic objectives. 

Artificial intelligence based assessments can help an organization to completely automate the hiring process, the AI driven assessments are often integrated proctoring module and tools that automate the candidate screening.

Apart from this, AI finds below applications in recruitment process

  • Use AI tools to optimize candidate searches. Some AI tools make it easy to analyze job descriptions and find the right words to attract top talent. These tools help you eliminate bias by pinpointing language that might be off-putting to certain candidates because of its gender or age connotations. Such tools also provide data-driven insights into job posting performance so you can optimize your recruitment process based on actual results.
  • Leverage AI to improve internal communication. A survey from Oracle found that more than 64% of employees would rather communicate directly with a robot than with their colleagues — and that number is likely to rise in the years ahead.

Artificial Intelligence to know the Emotional Quotient of Prospective Employees

  • The recruitment and selection process is no longer confined to checking academic qualifications and work experience. Nowadays, HR managers are looking for candidates with a high Emotional Quotient (EQ). They look for people who can understand themselves and others better, and who can communicate well with peers and seniors in a professional setting. People who have a positive attitude towards life and have high self-confidence as it helps them in making smart decisions, better manage stress and succeed in any job field. Several companies are using AI to recruit employees based on their emotional quotient. These virtual assistants take interviews online and help recruiters choose top talents from thousands of applications received daily.
  • The EQ tests are used as a recruitment tool along with other various tools like psychological assessments, aptitude tests etc. The EQ tests are used to know how much potential an individual possesses to deal with the job challenges on a day-to-day basis by dealing with difficult situations or by handling conflicts in a calm and composed manner.

Skill Assessment

Today’s AI-driven technology holds immense potential as it can help recruiters to hire candidates with high potential to succeed in their job roles by assessing their communication skills and personality traits. It can help to level the playing field by analyzing candidates’ CVs, screening videos and analyzing social media accounts. The AI driven assessments are highly accurate with 99.96% accuracy, The Artificial intelligence assessments can be framed such a way that they assess the skill of the candidate, for example, a candidate can be asked to enter the program code (these tests are called online coding tests), these tests also can be classified under the broad umbrella of Artificial Intelligence driven Proctored assessments

Apart from this, the AI can help in further analyzing the candidate’s CV and communication skills

  • Software that analyses language is being used to break down resumes and job applications, emphasizing certain words over others to determine an applicant’s suitability for a role before they even reach an interview stage.
  • Some of these AI-powered systems can analyze video interviews too, marking applicants on their voice tone, facial expressions and word choices in a bid to provide a more objective assessment than human recruiters could ever make.

Artificial intelligence based employee assessment techniques help organizations to make more informed decisions about which people to hire, avoiding costly mistakes and helping companies save money by reducing turnover.

The Artificial Intelligence is thus a center of attraction in present and upcoming times, adopting AI is no longer an option but is a necessity for progressive corporations to improve their hiring process with latest technology and choose the candidate who is best fit for the job role