Steps to Appear for Online Exam

1. Go to Candidate Login page

2.Enter Candidate username and password

3. Click on Login

Candidate Online Exam Login

4. After login candidate, there will be a display of  exam details

5. Click on Proceed  link to appear for exam

Online Exam Process

Here is the short video of appearing for online exam


Steps to attempt online subjective exam with document upload facility

The above video would help you to understand how to appear for online examination.

Please read all the instructions related to an exam before starting an online examination.

You would be provided with the user name and password to appear for the online exam. You can use it to log in to the system.

You can enter the user name and password as shown on the screen.

After login, you can see examination instructions. You can read all the instructions. There is a start exam button available on the screen. You can click on it to start the online exam.

After clicking on Start Exam link button, you can see the examination window.

On the right-hand top corner, you can see Exam timer. It would show you the current time remaining for the exam. You would need to keep an eye on it as the exam would get finished automatically if your exam time is elapsed.

On the top of your screen, you can see a summary of exam

Total Number of Attempted Questions would be shown in green color.

Total Not attempted question count would be shown in grey color.

Total Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in blue Color

Not Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in purple color.

Note: All answer responses are saved automatically in the system even if you do not click on Save button. Answers are saved irrespective of the status of the question (marked for review or not)

As you can see question text and image would be visible on the screen along with suitable multiple choice answers.

You need to select one of the correct answers out of available choices. You can also change the answer option at any time if needed.

If there is an image for question and you want to see enlarge the image then you can do it using this button as shown on the screen.

If the question has any video or audio associated with it then you can play it to understand the question.

If your exam has the option of multiple languages then you would be able to see the language selection radio button on the screen. You can select your preferred language. Your exam questions would be shown in your own preferred language.

There are 2 buttons below answer options

Previous: You can click it if you wish to navigate to the Previous Question. Your current question selection would be saved when you click on the previous question link button.

Next: You can click on it if you wish to move to the next question. Your current question selection would be saved when you click on Save and Proceed button.

There is a checkbox available to mark questions for review. It is useful when you are not sure of the answer and would like to review it at a later time.

On the right-hand corner, you can see individual question buttons. Each button is color-coded as per the status of the question.

Attempted questions would be shown in Green color.

Not attempted question would be shown in grey color.

Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in blue Color

Not Attempted and marked for Review would be shown in purple color.

You can navigate to any question and attempt it. When you reach last question there is button End Exam. If you click on end exam then warning message would be shown related to exam completion.
If you have not attempted all questions then it is advisable not to click on end exam button.

If you click on the end exam button then there would be no permission to attempt any questions. Your exam would be considered as finished.

If you click No then you are allowed to recheck the exam. You can review and ensure than you have attempted all the questions.

After you click on the submit button, your exam would be marked as Complete.


We also have a facility where you can use speech to text methods in order to write subjective exam answers. You can speak the answer and the system would convert it into text format and it would be displayed on the screen. It is useful if you want to write a lengthy answer and your typing speed is lower.


You can check below video about attempting subjective exam with Speech to Text Facility

Write theory answers using speech to text method

Steps to attempt Proctored Exam

Steps to attempt proctored exam online

Steps to attempt Exam on Phone

Appear for online exam using mobile phone