Share Documents of Knowledge Management

How to share documents to one or more batches ?

Steps to share documents to batches Login as Admin  Go to Knowledge Base > Upload Document Edit or Upload New Document While Uploading new Document you can share it by selecting one or more batch names shown   This is useful feature of you want to share  one or more documents like preparation material, exam […]

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Assign Exam to Batch

How to Assign Online Exam to Batches ?

Steps to Assign Online Exam to Batches Go to Candidates > Assign to Exam Menu You can see following screen Select Exam and Exam Schedule Click on Assign by Batch After Clicking on it you can select Batch Name from the List  

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Online Exam Schedule

How to assign schedule to one or more batches ?

Steps Login as Admin and Go to Candidates > Assign to Exam  Select Name of the exam and its associated schedule , Batch of Candidate and Click on Go 3. Select Your  Exam Schedule  and Click on Assign to Batch link 4. Exam Schedule would be assigned to entire Batch  and automated email/ SMS would be […]

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Examination Result Processing

How to manage University Result Processing using technology of Onscreen Marking System

Post examination activities are crucial to publish examination results on time. Many education institutes and universities face many challenges to publish results within 30 to 45 days after completion of the exams. Each entity from examination department right from controller of examination, registrar , answer sheet evaluator professor or teachers, moderators, result printing team are […]

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Answer Sheet Scanning using Scanner for onscreen evaluation process

Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System

Here is the introductory video to explore how you can use Onscreen Evaluation System to simplify Answer sheet checking , moderation and overall result processing for theory examinations of your institute or university. Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve current examination answer sheet checking process. Physical Answer Sheet Evaluation Physical answer sheet handling […]

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Steps to Conduct Online Subjective Exam

​ Subjective exams are traditionally being conducted using pen and paper based mode. This process can be time consuming specially for answer sheet checking mechanism. Technology can help to simplify this process. Subjective exam can be conducted online with the help of 5 steps mentioned below 1. Define Question Bank You can define online question […]

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Online Test Series Solution

Online Test Series

Eklavvya platform supports facility to conduct online test series. Indian education system favors practice mock papers to prepare for the competitive exams. There are hundreds of competitive exams are being conducted across India for management education, banking recruitment, BBA, MCA, LIC, Bank PO, SSI, PSI, MPSC etc. Success for each competitive exam depends on preparation […]

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Online Assessment in Education

Online Assessment for Education

There is tremendous thrust for reforms in education sector as far as examination process is concerned. Many universities/ institutes are using online assessment tools to enhance and improve their examination structure.   Here is the introductory video of how Online Assessments can be helpful for your institution                 […]

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Online Assessment for Corporates

Online Assessment for Corporate

Organisations can use assessment platform as continuous skill building and knowledge learning/ sharing tool. Following are some of the ways to use assessment tool to evaluate performance of new employees or existing employees.   Here is the introductory video of how our platform can be use by your organization for employee assessment, training assessments, Recruitment […]

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Onscreen Evaluation

Onscreen Evaluation for Answer Sheet Checking

Eklavvya has built features and support to automate Onscreen / Online Paper Checking Mechanism. Here are the features of our solution     Here is one of the System Screenshot of Annotation Panel to evaluate Answer sheet copy. Here is the introductory Video to understand what is Onscreen Marking Solution ​         […]

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