6 ways to assess candidates before hiring

Hiring or Recruitment is one of the critical processes of any organization. Selection of the right candidate can improve the standards of the organisation. However, any wrong selection can turn out to lead to losses. With the help of technology, one can automate some of the hiring processes so that the filtering of the suitable candidates for the selection is done with ease. It may be vital, especially with the senior management recruitment process.

Hiring a candidate is one of the most crucial steps that the organizations take. Each and every small particularity needs to be taken into consideration. 

The hiring of the candidate goes under certain steps. These steps analyse those small abilities of the candidate, that the institution needs for their offered post. 

Earlier, before technology was introduced in examinations as well, the method for assessments of the applicant used to be done manually. The tedious and tiring process of the right candidate selection had to go through a range of steps. 

But with the overhaul of technology, it has become very easy for the organizations as well as the applicants to conduct the process of interviews. 

A wide range of tests is available out there that decide on the capability and liability of the applicant for the offered position in the organisation. 

These tests are drafted in such a way that they are able to assess the personality, the leadership qualities, logical reasoning, etc. of the candidate. 


Let us have a look at the tests that are conducted pre-hiring the candidate:

Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

By definition, ‘An aptitude test is a test taken to test the practical knowledge of a person in a particular field’. 

According to the definition, an aptitude test examines the practicality of a person. It tests the ability of the person to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

You can say that aptitude is the inborn capacity to do things a certain way, whether developed or underdeveloped. 

Usually, aptitude tests are taken by students who want to decide on their future in a particular field. 


But now these same tests are opted by organisations to take a look at the inclination of the candidate. This helps the organizations analyse the accountability of the prospective employee. 

Personality Test

Personality Test

A personality test precisely is the test of scrutiny of the personality of the person. 

It tests the personal construct of the applicant. 

Personality tests help understand the thinking of the person giving the test. It gives another idea of the mentality of a particular person. 

Why is it important while job hiring you ask?

Well, in simple terms, the thinking and the goals of the person somewhere need to fulfil and match with the company’s as well don’t they! 

The answers you give in your personality test allow the potential employers to decide on how you will react to the varied work-related activities. 


If your ‘personality’ matches with the requirements of the organisation, then you are the right candidate for them! 

Domain Knowledge Test

Domain knowledge is the deep or detailed knowledge of one’s respective field. Meaning, people who have the domain knowledge of a specific field, are the experts in it. 

Having the domain knowledge of a particular field is to know the complete ins and outs, the complete knowledge in detail of that certain field. 

Testing one’s domain knowledge is to examine the full comprehension of that person in the required area.


With the Domain knowledge test, the organizations are able to analyze the depth of the study of the candidate according to their requisites. 

Leadership Test

Leadership Test

As the name suggests, the leadership tests are conducted to test the Leadership qualities of the applicant. 

The exam is designed in such a way that they test the ability of the candidate to lead the masses. 

The test is usually taken for higher-level designations in organisations. 

The questions in the test are drafted such that they put the candidate in situations where their leadership skills might come in handy. 

The use and application of these very skills are what is analysed in the test.

Entrepreneurship Ability Test

Entrepreneurship Ability Test

Entrepreneurship in common terms is the business mind of a person; if they can be a good entrepreneur in life. 

The test in totality analyses the business skills of the candidate. 

The entire exam is drafted in such a way, that the thinking of the candidate is according to a businessman or not can be found out. 

What is the thinking of a businessman? 


The thinking of a businessman needs to be one that will be in good health of the company and their subordinates. The productivity and the quality element needs to be maintained and what exactly is the job of an Entrepreneur.

Programming Test

Programming Test

Programming tests are those which examine the computer programming skills of the applicant. 

The designing of this particular examination tests the coding, programming and precisely computer languages skills of the candidate. 

This helps the institutions understand the computer and technical skills of the entrant. 

It simply enhances the quality of prospective employees.

The main aim of the virtualization of the hiring process is to simplify the whole interview process. 


If the candidate is able to pass through the tests mentioned above, they are for sure the right and the perfect candidate for the designation propounded by the organization.